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C.B. & Potts
555 Zang St
Broomfield, CO 80021
Tuesdays: 8:00 PM
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4:50 PM, April 01, 2015
oxymoron generator: religious freedom act 64

pumpkin heads 61

It was Good for you was it good for me 57

hot junk 54

something topical 52

in 1st place with 74 points 51

the edumacators 50

dolphin fisting 47

the fellowship 46

the kevin klein fan club 45

3rd to last 43

inconceivable 43

clubs goin up 39

unbreakable 35

2 in the harry 1 in the potter 33

modern day galileo 33

r and m 29

the hoth university fightin' tauntauns 21

chitty chitty gang bang 12

your mom's rj 3


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Matt ()

In preparing for my first-ever solo run as Quizmaster, my heart skipped a beat upon seeing the infamous 12-syllable name for Hawaii's state fish in Round 1. How was I supposed to establish credibility as an omniscient demigod among the gaping geek masses if I stumbled through the seventh question in the quiz?

I desperately consulted this scene (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-bWf2QD4vw) from Forgetting Sarah Marshall for a crash course in pronunciation, cursor hovering over the 18-second mark while I clicked over and over again. More than a few coworkers were likely concerned for my mental well-being as I continued honing my articulation in frustrated whispers.

In this state of panicked tunnel vision, I initially neglected to see the larger context of the scene. Dwayne, the resort bartender, has moved from South Central (SOUTH...CENTRAL.) in Los Angeles to Oahu, where he's enjoying life on the beach and enthralling guests with his acquired knowledge of local fish species. Perhaps he remembers the names because they're tied to his liberation and rebirth in paradise, or maybe he's just a fish fan; regardless, he's more than happy to trot out his internal catalogue whenever necessary. (Yeah, bitch.)

In a sense, the same can be said for any moment or detail we come across that sticks with us in the long run, for whatever reason. We're doomed to allocate precious dendrites in retaining some of the most *seemingly* pointless particulars. I'm not necessarily proud that I can recite the alphabet backwards or the libretto of "Albuquerque" on cue, but at least it's helped me get a free beer every now and then. On the other hand, if you asked me to list our presidents, two of their major accomplishments, and their years in office (the study of which made up a sizeable chunk of my 7th grade education) you'd receive a deadpan stare at best. Maybe even a slow blink or two.

It doesn't take a photographic memory to recall faces, names, words, songs, or scenes that meant something to you at some point. If it's there to stay, put it to good use. That's what makes all of you such kick-ass quizzers.

Big mahalo to everyone for a groovy first gig (especially Chris, Mike, Brent, and Stefani for all their help along the way). It was a memorable night, and I'm looking forward to many more.

C.B. & Potts
555 Zang St
Broomfield, CO 80021
Tuesdays: 8:00 PM
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12:30 PM, March 25, 2015
Ted Cruz Hates Clowns 68

Smelly Coati 61

Something Topical 60

Does This Beard Make Me Look Fat? 59

Native 56

Ted Cruz Hates Gay People 56

The PLC 56

All Your Win Belongs To Us 54

Ted Cruz Hates Black People 50

Fort Kick Ass 48

Wait For It? 47

Your're Glowing, Oh Wait I think I am Just High 46

That's Some Keyser Soze Shit Spring Break 43

Gate Keeper 42

Team Flanders 41

March Sadness 39



Quiz Schedule
Tuesdays C. B. & Potts in Broomfield @ 7:30 Thursdays Liquid Mechanics in Lafayette @ 6:00
Chris ()

Cook, beer drinker, semi-pro sarcasm master. And lover of all things D&D related. 

Hello gentle readers

And oh so many of you there were last night. 16 teams to be exact. So lets run through what all happened.

Round one was all about one of our two dwarf planets, and really the only one people care about. Pluto. All your answers needed those critical letters. Ted Cruz Hates Clowns and Ted Cruz Hates Gay People both got everything right for round one, being about the only thing that Ted Cruz can claim being 100% right about aside from his political alignment.

Round two was the audio round all about rap covers... and well... Its okay team March Sadness. You tried.

In round three I asked you to tell me only if I was talking about the nation of Austria or Australia. I was amazed to see that no one chose the easy way out and just pick one nation for all of them. Also there seemed to be little belief that there is an actual creature called a quoll. It would seem that not even my word processing system believes it.

But "The quoll is a carnivorous marsupial native to mainland Australia, New Guinea, and Tasmania. It is primarily nocturnal and spends most of the day in its den. Of the six species of quoll, four are found in Australia and two in New Guinea"

Many many many of you did amazingly well at round number four our round on bullshit chemistry. With only team Gate Keeper breaking the curve. 

Round number six however... was a little bit harder, it was all about brain disorders. And well, let us face facts. I don't think any of us are neurologists. Me included. Remember the only reason I look this smart is that I have all the answers up here in front of me.

Round number seven was our video round, and it continued the downward slide, it would appear that most of you are not fans of movies based around the devil, satan, the evil one, etc. I can not say as I judge you.

Finally came round number eight. The last round of the night. With a high score of 11 this one was evidently hard. That was given to team Smelly Coati (which I learned is another small mammal and who's name I was fucking up all night long)

When the dust settled and every one tended to their bruises we learned that in first place was team  Ted Cruz Hates Clowns with Smelly Coati coming in second. 

As always I thank all of you for coming out and playing Pub Quiz with me. Stay safe and I will see you all again, soon.

C.B. & Potts
555 Zang St
Broomfield, CO 80021
Tuesdays: 8:00 PM
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7:12 AM, March 18, 2015
Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced 84

Something Topical 80

Kiss My Blarney Stones 79

Erin Go Barf 76

Shamrock Out With Your Leprecock Out 69

Cock-doodle-dew 65

Sponge Bob Squarepants 57

Quillin 54

Where There's 4 Irishmen There's a 5th 52

A.J 41

Demshitz 40




Quiz Schedule
Tuesdays C. B. & Potts in Broomfield @ 7:30 Thursdays Liquid Mechanics in Lafayette @ 6:00
Chris ()

Cook, beer drinker, semi-pro sarcasm master. And lover of all things D&D related. 

Hello gentle readers,

I hope you all survived Saint Patrick's Day. Or at least made it through with your liver intact and not engorged like a fois gras goose.

We had a very Irish version of quiz last night. Or as Irish as I was willing to make it, allowing for a heap of festive names, a lot more Irish punk, and a round on snakes, which was close enough seeing as there are not really snakes in Ireland to drive out in the first place.

But lets get on to the quiz shall we?

Round one was all about the non existent snakes that Saint Patrick drove from Ireland, or rather just things about snakes or named for snakes. Team Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced took the cake for this round with a perfect score. But many of you did rather well, showing you know your legless critters well.

Round two was our audio round. Most of you did amazing, the average for the round was 13.3 but the team that did the best was team A.J. oddly enough they did not follow rule number 2 as they did not Joker the round despite their perfect score. 

Round three was all about letters, I felt like a character from a PBS kids show. You just needed to tell me C, E, or O. Quite a few of you did well in this round but team Something Topical dominated here.

In round four we discussed run in's with electricity. Many of which were unfortunate. Despite being horrified by the depravity of Edison teams Shamrock With Your Lepricock Out and Erin Go Barf came in strong.

Round six was...a slightly tougher round. Perhaps if I had asked you all about libertines instead of libertarians you would have scored better. Don't feel too bad team Where There is 4 Irish Men there is a 5th. I don't care about the libertarian party that much either.  

Round seven was of course our video round, all about movie misspellings. Kiss My Blarney Stones did particularly well this time around. Showing they watch a lot of film where the screen writer could not be bothered with an editor. 

Finally we came to round number eight. I probed your brains for random trivia. It turned out that none of you had a huge cache of it stored away, or at least not on the topics of the night, with all of you scoring about the same, but not all on the same questions. 

That brought us to the end which had team Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced turning out in first place followed by Something Topical in second.

As always I bid you all be safe and I will see you again soon.

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