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Dad & Dude's Breweria
6730 S Cornerstar Way, Suite D
Centennial, CO 80016
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12:20 PM, October 05, 2012
US Jazzercise Endurance Team 65

The Fam 56

Dutch Rudders 53

Beef Tits 49

Eminem and M&M 45

Teachers Like To Party, too! 38

WTS 37

Boerwars 36

Rooskie Brewskies 34




Quiz Schedule
Dave (Dave)

Quizzing it up in Chicago!

Would you elect a president with facial hair?  At quiz we learned the last president to have facial hair was Taft, though Truman grew a goatee when on vacation...supposedly. Facial hair would give the appearance to the candidate of being a 'normal guy' but also a tough and rumble sort and isn't that what we need?  A president who is 'like us' but enough of a badass that no one will mess with him? If either candidate had a Chuck Norris/Kimbo Slice beard I'd vote for them.  Take a look at some of the presidents who have had facial hair:  Grant, Lincoln, TR, Chester.  All bad ass presidents, all had facial hair. Maybe a new candidate will emerge in the next month with facial hair. We had higher scores on the beard round than we did on the presidential quotes round showing that the average joe knows more about people with beards than without.  Therefore presidential candidate + beard = person you can identify with more so.

Quiz brought us a wide assortment of people this week.  A team from South Africa, a 4th grade teacher, and a group from eastern Europe. With such an assortment of knowledge you'd think they would have taken the top spots. That wasn't the case.  Regulars, The Fam and Dutch Rudders took second and third with US Jazzercise Endurance Team, new to Dad & Dudes but not to Geeks, took first.  Things were really close when after round 6 we had our three way tie for 3rd.  I was expecting our 4th grade teacher Heather to pull ahead.  Afterall, she is a teacher, so some of the questions should have been common knowledge right? Don't they teach about James Bond theme songs in 4th grade these days along with the top milk producing animals in the world?  Guess not, Heather missed the top three by a few.  Next week though, I have high expectations!  Bring the whole faculty and put that combined knowledge together to dominate!  I even have the perfect team name: The Great Teacher Armada.



 Average Score High Score
Round 1: 2.70
5 by US Jazzercise Endurance team
Round 2: 6.88

14 by US Jazzercise Endurance Team

Round 3: 6.00
8 by US Jazzercise Endurance Team, The Fam and Beef Tits
Round 4: 3.22
5 by US Jazzercise Endurance Team, The Fam and Eminem and M&M
Round 5: 3.33
6 by The Fam
Round 6: 4.55
7 by WTS and US Jazzercise Endurance Team
Round 7: 3.11
5 by The Dutch Rudders
Round 8:8.22
11 by The Dutch Rudders 

That brings us to the end of the blog.  Such a close quiz this week and congratulations to our top teams!  Come back next week at 8pm where you too can show off amazing amount of random knowledge accumulated from countless hours in front of a computer monitor.  See you next week!

Dad & Dude's Breweria
6730 S Cornerstar Way, Suite D
Centennial, CO 80016
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12:49 PM, September 28, 2012
Dutch Rudders 57

It's Mike, Not Michael 55

Scooter Girl & Her Boy 53

The Fam 52

Idaho? No, You Da Hoe! 51

Cats vs dogs 44

Ram Rod 21



Quiz Schedule
Dave (Dave)

Quizzing it up in Chicago!

Feistiness: that could sum up one of our quizlings (pictured below) pretty well.  Drinking since 4 will do that, but hey, it also helped your team perform pretty damn well in quiz.  I'm pretty sure only two people on IT'S MIKE, NOT MICHAEL were carrying the rest of the team, and one of them had been pre-gaming for hours before quiz.  That's dedication right there.  In the end, it was DUTCH RUDDERS who ended up going home with 1st place.

Remember boys and girls, when being challenged in a chug off it's all about technique. Loosen up your throat, take half a breath, exhale through your nose, and tilt your head back slightly, not all the way.  Follow these steps and you'll be able to compete in chug offs against the best of them.  You may even get to the point where you're feared for your competitive drinking abilities.  Or you can get one of the ladies from our chug off tonight to do it for you, but lifelines are generally frowned upon in such matters.

Moving on to quiz.  I understand some of you are not the biggest of football fans but I didn't expect as many incorrect answers for question three on round one.  The MNF debacle had more coverage than just about anything else in the world and we still had teams miss it.  Shame.

Round 3 (the scrabble round) was my favorite of the night.  Scrabble to me is one of those games that takes forever to play and most of the time ends because your competitors are only doing two letter words. I went in to the round not expecting too many points to be scored.  While the round itself was pretty tough we did have a perfect score from CATS VS DOGS and a good majority of you missed a perfect score by only two points.


  • 'Listen Carefully' means pay attention. By doing so, your team could've scored higher on R7
  • Miami is indeed NOT the most populus city in Florida




 Average Score High Score
Round 1: 3.85
6 by Scooter Girl & Her Boy
Round 2: 7.14

12 by It's Mike, Not Michael

Round 3: 5.71
8 by Cats vs Dogs
Round 4: 6.00
7 by most everyone
Round 5: 6.42
8 by The Fam
Round 6: 3.57
7 by Scooter Girl & Her Boy
Round 7: 3.33
7 by The Dutch Rudders
Round 8: 6.16
7 by The Dutch Rudders and It's Mike, Not Michael

Don't forget to check out our Facebook page, tag yourself in some photos, and intimidate your competition!  See you next week at 8.

Dad & Dude's Breweria
6730 S Cornerstar Way, Suite D
Centennial, CO 80016
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11:15 AM, September 21, 2012
We Got Street Cred 87

E = MC Hammered 76

Ben's Not Here 73

The Dutch Rudders 69

Da Badgers 65

I Came On Eileen 59

Chipmunks On Strike 58

Beef Tits 57

3 Guys And A Chick 56

The Fam 53

The Sex Boo Boombs 16



Quiz Schedule
Dave (Dave)

Quizzing it up in Chicago!

When I'm reading the rules and I say 'no cell phones, pagers, carrier pigeons, communication with the outside world,' I mean it. Especially if you are in my line of sight when I'm asking questions and numerous teams call you out.  I don't care if you are 'just texting,' put the damn phone away because to everyone else, it looks like you are cheating and not only is that unsportsmanlike but it's a dick move. The rest of our teams don't have a problem with this rule and if you can't make it through a quiz without your phone then you have problems.  Please observe the rule in the future.  Ok?  Thanks!

Where were we?  That's right, quiz.  Vanilla Ice, money, chocolate, and boats.  Those were just some of the things we covered tonight.  We mixed it up this week with a different format for Round 3, and surprisingly everyone did pretty well.  A few teams could have benefited from hanging on to their sheets to get the additional clues but for the most part we had some near perfect scores.  Round 5 brought the most perfect scores with only three teams missing it.  Mike from CHIPMUNKS ON STRIKE had the best method for answering the questions.  He put down the ones he knew and had his kids pick the rest based off of if the person looked like the names that listed as answers.  It worked out pretty well as Mike was one of our teams to have a perfect score on the visual round and they also provided some creative artwork on their answer sheets.  I'll have to put these on my fridge. 

By the time we made it to Round 8 our 1st place team had all but sealed the deal.  WE GOT STREET CRED pulled ahead early by jokering on Round 2 with a perfect score.  They went on to take 1st place by 11 points.


  • No one knows what is on the back of state quarters asides me apparently
  • Queen Elizabeth II is on a lot of money
  • Who is Tay Zanday?  THIS is Tay Zonday Awesome!
  • Jeffrey Dahmer worked in a chocolate factory, I would have guessed John Wayne Gacy befor Dahmer
  • No one has seen Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou...no one


 Average Score High Score
Round 1: 5.27
7 by E=mc hammered, Chipmunks on Strike, We Got Street Cred, I came on Eileen
Round 2: 9.90

16 by We Got Street Cred

Round 3: 9.09
12 by Da Badgers, Ben's Not Here, I Came On Eileen
Round 4: 6.20
8 by Ben's Not Here
Round 5: 6.10
8 by mostly everyone
Round 6: 3.90
7 by E=mc hammered
Round 7: 5.70 7 by The Dutch Rudders
Round 8: 8.2
12 by Ben's Not Here


2nd Place: E=MC Hammered


That's it for this week.  Don't forget to hop on over to our Facebook page like it, and tag yourself in pictures. 

 Study up and get ready for next week.  See everyone at 8!

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