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Billy's On Burnet
2105 Hancock Dr
Austin, TX 78756
Wednesdays: 7:00 PM
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10:26 PM, August 28, 2014
RPF140389 I Know It Was You, Fettuccine Alfredo 92

RPF140181 Lazertits 84

RPF140243 The Defiant Few 80

Mid Table Masters 78

Turd Ferguson 72

The Scribes 68

To Infinity and Beyonce 57

LeXcons 56

Taffy Cakes


Quiz Schedule
Billy's on Burnet - Wednesdays - 7pm
Rebecca Tafline (Taffy Cakes)

I do stuff.

I am good at some of it.

We have a new puppy. Did we mention that already?

Well, we do. And he is teething--so Shayne I have, on average, gotten about 2 hours of sleep a night this week. My choice, yes, and I am starting to think it wasn't a great one. [She's wrong. He's perfect. Best decision. He's a baby. -Ed.]

Last night's quiz was sparse, and I am going to blame that on school. More than 8 teams better show up next week, or Mama's gonna blow her lid. (I am Mama in this scenario.)

We had a round on coffee. We had a round on monkeys. Next time I hope to have a round on monkeys drinking coffee.

Oh, and this blog was late.

Because Becca.

Actually, because Rustin.

Honestly, be glad you got one at all. As shitty as this one is.

I have to poop. Now I am just taking up time.

Oh, and my wonderful and gorgeous friend Kavi is growing a year older this weekend -- and James Pound is now middle-aged! Next stop, grey pubes.

Oh, and Highball is open again, so you should check that shit out, and if you see J Dubs, Becca says to get in her vagina.

See you next week. Kisses dickworms,


Billy's On Burnet
2105 Hancock Dr
Austin, TX 78756
Wednesdays: 7:00 PM
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10:14 PM, August 20, 2014
RPF140243 The Defiant Few 79

No Pressure! 78

RPF140389 I Know It Was You, Fettuccine Alfredo 77

RPF140244 Black Hoodie Collective 76

RPF140181 Lazertits 76

Rick Perry's Defense Team 72


In Like Flynn 67

Toast This!* 61

Mouserat 61

Robin Williams Isn't Dead, He's Just Waiting For Someone To Roll a 5 or 8 57

B-Team 55

Team Prius* 48

Rev. Lindsay


Quiz Schedule
Saturday - Opal Divine's Davenport Village
Lindsay (Rev. Lindsay)

Lindsay enjoys writing bios for other people much more than for herself, and she really hates people (herself included) who speak in the third person. 

We interrupt this week's installment of ATMOQ because a wild Lindsay appears!

Rebecca and Shayne got called away by the Pinkerton Detective Agency so I had to run this shit this week.  Aside from the hearing loss gifted from THE LOUDEST TABLE IN THE WORLD(tm) that was sitting directly to my left, I had a phenomenal evening with the fine folks at Billy's.

We had a nailbiter of a tiebreaker for second place between No Pressure and I Know It Was You Fettucine Alfredo.  Ultimately, Presh won out and Fettucine was twirled up and other puns I could make about noodles but I won't.  The Defiant Few was triumphant with first.  B-Team was thrilled when they wound up not being in last place.

Tonight's visual round was people boning in artwork, round seven was technobabbling and led to me not be able to say numbers.  Round four covered current events and round six covered British-ish actors pretending to be southern.

Sorry for the things I said when my allergy medicine was wearing off.  I'm pretty sure I still like you.

See you next time!

-Rev. Lindsay


Twitter: @RevLinz


What's the deal with a Seinfeld quiz?  Find out here.

Billy's On Burnet
2105 Hancock Dr
Austin, TX 78756
Wednesdays: 7:00 PM
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10:44 PM, August 13, 2014
RPF140389 I Know it Was You, Fettuccine Alfredo 83

RPF140603 The Full On Rapists 74

RPF140243 The Defiant Few 69

The Perfectly Adequate Lebowskis 63

Black Hoodie Collective 61

RPF140390 Heroes of Telara 60

RPF140087 Soccer Cousins 59

Flying Spagetti Monsters 56

Bangarang! 56

PittsburghOlympics2024 50

Happy Campers 45

Camoflauge Condoms: She Never Saw It Coming 40

Pancocks 35

Meat 35

Less Than Thrilled 34

Booners 27

Texas Shaynesaw Massacre


Quiz Schedule
Mondays: Upper Decks at 7PM! Wednesdays: Billy's on Burnet at 7PM!
Shayne (Texas Shaynesaw Massacre)

Hello. I am Shayne.

I like tacos.

Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine, Chapter Ten, Chapter Eleven, Chapter Twelve, Chapter Thirteen, Chapter Fourteen, Chapter Fifteen

Ost'Cyxus the Bone Folder sat cross-legged by the campfire folding a set of leg bones he'd found in Cromwel'c's nest. The fire roared and popped as it cooked the slightly rancid meat the Folder of Bones had torn off the bones.

"That smells awful," said Edmund Mallard.

"It's food. Did you find any food? I found food," Osty responded.

"No, I just navigated our way up thirty-two flights in the shittiest, most horrifyingly fucked catacombs we've ever been in. And we've been in, like, an ass-ton of catacombs. You grabbed the first ancient corpse you found, stripped the thin, rotting flesh off of it, then sat down and stacked the bones because you have a ridiculous compulsion."

"I am NOT stacking bones. I'm folding them. It's a ritual. It's a tradition of my people. It's religious. You wouldn't understand."

"I don't understand. You're right about that. I don't understand at all. I can't possibly understand how you can waste time stacking bits of dead things when a THOUSANDS-YEAR-OLD DEMON MONSTER CREATURE BEAST IS CHASING US UP THE INSIDE OF A MOUNTAIN."

"Fine. You don't get to eat. See how easy it is climbing the rest of the way on an empty stomach. You shitty, shitty bird."

Edmund glared at the skull-masked man. Their partnership had always been tumultuous, but thirty-seven years locked in the Crimson Catacombs of Cromwel'c had taken its toll. And the last thirty-two flights had taken that toll and gave it a noogie.

Edmund gave Ost'Cyxus a noogie.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

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