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500 N 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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1:11 AM, April 18, 2014
team sin nombre 74

chekhov's gun 68

cheers to no spoilers 63

this is our stupid name 62

the shit apple doesn't fall far from the shit tree 61

blame geoff whetstone 59

bar-uh-cudas 55

the hooker look 51

outlaw country 39


fantabulous five 38

team zesty 37

you make me squirtle 37

jack's pets 32

lunar menstration 28

where are my cats 28

team tolerance 17

reign 5



Quiz Schedule
Quizmaster at Bumsted's on Thursday at 8pm
Patrick (Patsquatch)

Patsquatch is the author of four books and three movies. In addition he is an avid gamer, artist, musician, actor, martial artist, and film buff. 

And I am back. Thanks to Safari Mari for filling in for me last week. I was on my way to Coachella and one of the best weekends of my life. If you are into music and have never gone you should seriously check it out. I saw 35 bands altogether and not a bad performance in the bunch. Also it was pretty badass to have nothing to worry about for a weekend aside from making a series of Sophie’s choices between bands playing at the same time. Highlights included Queens of the Stone Age absolutely killing it, Capital Cities covering Stayin Alive and Nothing Compares to You, and the pinnacle for me: Slash joining Motorhead for Ace of Spades. Holy shit.

And on to recap:

Round 1 was Duh! in which the answers were kind of obvious. Teams did pretty well here until it came to the branch of theology that deals with Christ which was Christology. Lots of teams thought Christianity but alas it was not. Teams were mixed on the Jaws question which asked which book Peter Benchley’s father suggested ‘What’s That Noshin’ On Ma Leg.’ I would love to have seen what Spielberg would have done with that title.

Round 2’s audio round was Ad Naseum and featured songs with titles that dealt with repetition. The scores were split here with half the teams doing pretty well and half not so much. The crowd seemed pretty energized by Limahl’s the NeverEnding Story. I think everyone wanted to take a ride on a luck dragon and lose a horse to the swamp of sadness! Oh wait. Now I am brought down…poor Artax…

Next up we had a speed round for Round 3 that asked teams to name 8 of the 11 countries through which the equator passes. This round was pretty rough as the highest score was a five. At least it wasn’t a round on rabbits.

Round 4 was Recently in Stuff in which we asked about current events. Most teams knew about US Airways tweeting a picture of a model jet plane in her cooter. It looked like she wasn’t just leaving on a jet plane if you know what I mean, nudge nudge wink wink. KFC has a chicken corsage? What the fuck? The Double Down wasn’t enough? I don’t think I want to live on this planet anymore.

The Visual Round asked for teams to name the psychotic smiles. Loki caused some problems because he has psychotic smiles in three movies so far but only one of them was the Avengers. The ones that were really tough were Oldboy and Face/Off. I am not sure if you know this but Castor Troy can eat a peach for hours.

Round 6 was It Hoppin’-ed One Night which was a round on rabbits. Not a lot of teams were up on rabbits here but you guys know your angora. Most missed? When you say Rabbit, Rabbit. If you hold still long enough on Facebook you will see some jackass say rabbit, rabbit on the first day of the month. Or if you can’t be bothered because you are actually doing things with your life then you are you guys.

The second audio round asked teams to name the people who died before 1990 and featured cats like Desi Arnaz, Lucille Ball, Alfred Hitchcock, and Anwar Sadat. This one was a pretty mixed bag as well.

Round 8 was Random Knowledge as usual and ran the gamut from Old Ironsides to the first names of Star Trek characters. There was also a question about the XFL and it was not at all surprising that most teams didn’t know the answer to that one.

We had a pretty big night with lots of teams and that was really cool to see. Still, only one team can win and only want can almost win and Team Sin Nombre took top honors while Chekhov’s Gun took second. Laura made off with a pretty sweet air freshener shaped like a trenchcoated monkey. That is pretty sweet you guys.

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight! I will see you all next week!

500 N 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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5:16 PM, April 11, 2014
Cheers to Inappropriate Things 80

Chekov's Gun 72

Sassy Pants 67

Godless Fuck Palace of Yarn 62

Pralines & Dick 62

Neuronasty 60

Father Abraham 59

Bara-Coudas 58

Chili Con Carne Wilson 57

Arm Fisting: An Offer Putin Couldn't Refuse 44

Balls Deep 44

3 is Company 41

Jimmy Jammers 37

Trader Hoes 36


It doesn't have to be an archer reference 29

G Findley Reed 24

Safari Mari


Quiz Schedule
Aussie Cantina @ 7pm on Tuesdays!
Marissa (Safari Mari)

I was born & raised in San Diego, California, I left for a few years to attend and graduate from the University of Arizona. Bear down! I spend my days teaching Tucson's youth--the future of America (get out while you can--seriously.) In my spare time, I enjoy geeking out at quiz or hanging with friends!

I love animals, science, books....and quizzing! There's more to know...but really, who cares?

Keep Calm & Geek On!

Also known as “Safari Mari and the Extraordinarily Shitty Day”

Despite having a awesome night subbing & hosting quiz at Bumsteads, I have come to the conclusion that I am under some sort of quizmaster curse. Patsquatch was off for the night--I think he was up in some backwoods area of Canada with some people named Matt Moneymaker and “Bobo.” So, of course, I jumped at the chance to fill in and see all my beloved quizzers. I missed you assholes. I even left my nutrition class early to come to quiz. However, I think that’s when the curse started *cues dramatic music & dramatic chipmunk*

As I got to quiz, I received a text from my lab partner who was still in class, to tell me that apparently there was a numbering error in the test we had taken that week and we needed to look over our answer sheets to see what we had answered. Since I wasn’t in class, I couldn’t exactly know what was going on, but essentially my professor mis-numbered the questions and there were actually 51 questions, but most people only answered 50. Instead of just awarding everyone one point (which, as a teacher, I would’ve done) because I wasn’t there to look over my answer sheet, I missed that point. Fuck.

Right before quiz, my iTunes shit itself and I lost the new playlist and the audio rounds for the night, so I had to scramble to get them set up again before starting quiz. Balls! As always, I did my best and I had a great time hosting and heckling my friends and favorite quizzers. I also enjoyed discussing my least favorite quizzers, especially at the end of the evening.

Back to my curse. So, I get into my car after quiz and my warning gas light came on, just as I hit Speedway. Balls. I thought I had had enough gas to get me through the night and I could get it in the morning. See, I’ve been on this very special diet named “I have $2 until Friday.” It’s super effective. So I didn’t have money for gas--I was sweating. But I figured my car averages about 17 MPG so I have only 8 miles to home and then 2 miles to the gas station in the morning.

I get home, unlock the front door and the doorknob falls off. What. The. Serious. Fuck. I fiddled with it for a while, said “fuck that” and locked the deadbolt, vowing to fix it this weekend. I passed out at 11:30pm since I had had an eighteen hour day. I figured I’d wake up a little earlier than usual to write this blog. But when my eyes opened, there was a problem--there was sunlight streaming through my window. I grabbed my phone and looked at the time. It was 6:15am! My alarm was supposed to have gone off at 5am! SHITBALLSFUCKCOCK. [Note: I actually said that]. I took a 5 minute shower, threw some clothes on and raced out of the house--then remembered my gas situation. I had gotten paid, so I just needed to get to the gas station, right? Wrong. My car decided that it had had enough and ran out of gas about a block and a half away from the goram gas station. I could fucking SEE it. So, I had to push my SUV to the gas station feeling like goddamn She-Hulk.

Does my shitty cruse-period stop there? Nope. I couldn’t just pay at the pump like a normal gas station. I had to wait inside for the slowest attendant EVER to pre-pay for my gas. Then pump it (like the BEP) and by this time, I’m already fucking late for a meeting and it’s well past 7:15am so I speed across town. I stop for breakfast, thinking “shit I’m already late, might as well eat” and so I go through the Dunkin of the Donuts. The drive thru is a long wait, so I opt to go inside. Of course one of the registers is down and there’s a gigantic line. Double fuck. I get my food at 7:45am and speed to work just down the street. I get into my classroom 5 minutes before the bell is to ring for first period, open my breakfast bag to scarf down food…and my order is completely wrong. I gave up.

Sigh. Please send pity beers and chocolate to Safari Mari asap.

Congrats to all of our winners last night. Eric answered the email bonus correctly and snagged a sweet sushi coaster set. Chekov’s Gun & Cheers to Mari (& Inappropriate Things) battled for top spots. In the end, Chekov’s Gun succumbed to 2nd place and Cheers to Mari were victorious in 1st place!

It was wonderful to see all of your quizzing regulars, the newbs and the drunkards. Patsquatch will return next week--he promised gifts for all. See you soon!

500 N 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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1:17 AM, April 04, 2014
Stark Spangled Banners 86

Justice League 80

Your best guys gun 73

Sam Jackson's one eyed fury 72

See you next Tuesday 68

Nick Furby and Meow Meow 58

She's gonna be Thor in the morning 53

I'd Pepper her Potts 53

Diana Rigg is a Fox 42

We like X-men better 42

H.A.R.D. Corps 41

Tesser-action 37

It's a gift and a curse 24

Make a Black Widow Movie Already 19

The Inlanders 16



Quiz Schedule
Quizmaster at Bumsted's on Thursday at 8pm
Patrick (Patsquatch)

Patsquatch is the author of four books and three movies. In addition he is an avid gamer, artist, musician, actor, martial artist, and film buff. 

Tonight was the night when teams assembled to face each other on the field of Marvel Cinematic Universe battle. On the eve of Captain America: the Winter Soldier’s release, teams squared off for a $153 cash prize as well as an assorted bunch of other prizes for second and third place as well as costume contest prizes. The competition was intense and the questions came hard but a lot of teams came even harder with a number of respectably high scores.

Here are some highlights:

  • The costume contest was pretty badass with four contestants stepping up with a conflicted Bane, a sexy Punisher, a Bruce Banner that didn’t seem too angry all the time, and my favorite Spider-man villain Venom. With three prizes up for grabs, Bane took top honors after a spot on impassioned speech to the crowd that true to form was harder to understand that our audio round and won a sweet ass Captain America shield custom made by our very one Caribbean Joe, the lady Punisher took second place and won a 12” Captain America action figure, and Venom took third to win an Iron Man paper doll set. Sadly Bruce Banner went back to his team empty handed. Thankfully for all of us, he did not become angry. We wouldn’t like him when he is angry.
  • Round 2 wasn’t so much a highlight as it was a round that people had a hard time understanding. The sirified lines of dialogue threw a lot of teams off but even as tough a time some players had, several straight up dominated here with a jokered round that put them at the top and kept them there the whole game. It was not easy but those teams proved that it was very doable.
  • Round 5’s visual round was pretty badass with Deadpool re-enacting some death and near death scenes. The original artwork was awesome and it is nice to see Deadpool even if he is not in the MCU.
  • Rounds 6 and 7 tore a lot of teams entirely new assholes for the new assholes that had just been torn. This was kind of surprising as I would have thought that Hulk, warrior, battle, Thanos, and Infinity Gems would be right up the alley of the hardcore competitors. A few teams managed to shine here but by and large both these rounds smashed teams worse than the Hulk could dream of and that is a shitload of smashing guys.
  • Round 8 offered up some redemption but I was sort of appalled by how many teams missed the question about Jack ‘King’ Kirby. The man is a legend known almost as much for getting fucked out of recognition as he is for the massive influence he had on comics. Still, a lot of teams stepped up here and some even came flying up the ladder.
  • Finally, some of the answers thrown out when teams didn’t know the answers were hilarious. That is the magic of quiz. If you can’t be right you can at least be funny.


As always themed quizzes bring out some awesome team names. Here are my favorites:

  • I’d Pepper Her Potts
  • Sam Jackson’s One Eyed Fury
  • She’s Gonna Be Thor in the Morning
  • Stark Spangled Banners
  • Justice League

So when it was all said and done and the dust cleared, three teams went off to have some Shawarma. With a whopping 86 points, Stark Spangled Banners took home the cold hard cash in first place. Just six points behind first, the Justice League took second and scored a gift bag full of Avengers themed nonsense that included a sweet, sweet Frisbee and some other neat stuff. With 73 points, Your Best Guy’s Gun took third and scored their own gift bag slightly less full of Avengers themed nonsense that did not include a sweet, sweet Frisbee but was still better than not winning anything at all.

Thank you guys so much for coming out and taking part in the Avengers theme quiz. You were all awesome and the night was fun, exciting and…fun. Join us next week for our regularly scheduled quiz at Bumsted’s and special thanks to Caribbean Joe for not only scorekeeping for us tonight but also for making  both the shield that went to Bane but also the one he gave me for my Captain America costume. He rocks. Thanks again guys! Excelsior!

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