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500 N 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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1:19 AM, April 24, 2015
tucker and the jew They fight crime 79

level 7 susceptible 66

chekhov's gun 65

tequila mockingbird 63

joe biden is katies spirit animal 63

flippy floppy dog 61

mercedes benzodiazapine 52

baloomba 50

lets exclude max 50

buff and tan 49

whats that teams name again 49

faca chanqhal loffel 48

the le who ze hers 38

specs in the city 38

poop chutes 37

pickles for brunch 16



Quiz Schedule
Quizmaster at Bumsted's on Thursday at 8pm
Patrick (Patsquatch)

Patsquatch is the author of four books and three movies. In addition he is an avid gamer, artist, musician, actor, martial artist, and film buff. 

So I am back from my grand excursion to Indio, California for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. This is my second year going and I have to say that it is one of the most fun things I get to do all year. I have seen some people in the media and online talking shit about the festival and I really don’t understand it. Sure there are a lot of bros and pretentious star fuckers that go but at the end of the day it is just a three day music festival in which all the worries and trouble of your life can be put aside and the biggest worry you have is whether or not two bands that you love are playing at the same time. It is hot as all hell, sure, but it is still very worth it and I don’t understand the hate. Oh well. Other people can hate all they want I guess. I will just sit back and enjoy the music.

Here’s the recap:

Round 1 was Meet Your Corporate Masters and each answer was one of the 30 monolith American companies that make up the Dow Industrial Average. This round started more teams off pretty strong although JP Morgan Chase was an answer a lot of teams missed. IBM was another that threw some teams and an encouraging number of teams didn’t know that Pfizer is responsible for Viagra which speaks well for a lot of team members.

Round 2 was the first audio round and the theme was Because Old is Bad in which all the song names all had new in the title. This was rough for a lot of teams with missed answers all over the board. Lots of people knew the Chris Brown song which makes me sad because I wish he would just go the fuck away at this point. He is a piece of shit. I say that a lot because I like to say true things.

Round 3 was Harvard or Hogwarts and it was a 50/50 round which is always a tricky proposition.  Scores were pretty middle of the road here but the main take away I got from this was that someone actually named a real human being Increase Mather.  This doesn’t surprise me as people seem to like to name other humans ridiculous bullshit because they don’t have to live with that shit but then again this dude ran Harvard so maybe I should just take my bachelor’s degree from the U of A and shut up.

Round 4 was McDuck, the New McRib and it was about China and McDonald’s. Lots of teams knew a lot about both of these topics although Taiwan and Bermuda threw some teams for a loop.  Also, can we address the fact that Chairman Mao’s name sounds an awful lot like Mao the Dong? I know it is juvenile to bring this up but who doesn’t like a good dick joke especially at the expense of a communist dictator?

The visual round was pictures of movie archers and teams had to name the archers. Them Duke Boys jumped the General Lee over a lot of teams’ heads as many got the two confused and others thought they were Starsky and Hutch. That is all fair enough but how in the hell did so many people think that Daryl Dixon’s name was Dale? Has there ever been a badass character, or real person for that matter, named Dale? I can’t think of any. If Batman’s real name was Dale I think he would never have gotten to be Batman because he would be too busy not intimidating anyone ever. I apologize to any Dale’s I may have offended in the above tirade.

Round 6 was Do the Do and it was kind of about hairdos. This one was kind of rough. A lot of teams struggled with Utah, Thomas Jefferson, the Detroit Lions, and the color (or colour) of Bob the Builder’s eyes. DDT gave teams some problems too. Also who the hell are they kidding with a word like Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane?

Round 7 was the second audio round and teams had to name the movie quoting or misquoting the Bible. This one really did a number on teams and New Jack City, Spider-man, and Footloose were probably the most missed. Everyone knew Pulp Fiction and why shouldn’t they know one of the most iconic moments of that movie? That not everyone knew Ghostbusters hurt my heart a little.

Round 8 was Random Knowledge as usual  and a lot of teams really screwed the pooch here. The three US States with the longest land border with Canada was a major stumbling block for most teams as were Brunei and Thailand. Not many teams knew the Obi-wan reference in Temple of Doom either which adds more support to my argument that Temple of Doom is the actual worst installment of the Indiana Jones series, Short Round be damned.

At the end of it all, the team that dominated all night Tucker & the Jew (They Fight Crime) not only took  first place but are also hopefully going to be the next Marvel movie announcement. In second place, charging up from fourth prior to round 8 was Level 7 Susceptible. Laura took home a Geeks Who drink pint glass for the email bonus question and we ended the night with the knowing smiles of a group of people who didn’t have to do any tie breakers. And all was right with the world.

Don’t forget that May 2nd is the Marvel Awesome Quiz Volume 2 theme quiz! Details on time and location are available right here at www.geekswhodrink.com but rest assured that there is money on the line, a variety of awesome prizes, a costume contest, and me in a slapdash  and shoddy Rocket Raccoon costume. Be there!

500 N 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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12:32 AM, April 17, 2015
chekovs gun *2nd 73

pencil activated noise machine *1st 73

human centipede 3: or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the digestive tract 69

goodbye Tucson 61

not the bottom 60

half elf paladins 58

stagnetti's revenge 50

sal n' pfeffels 44

staukler 44

specs in the city 41

it puts the lotion 34

bansa 21

31 is the new 21 right? 20

Caribbean Joe


Quiz Schedule
Hotel Congress on Tuesdays at 8pm Trident Grill Wednesdays at 8pm
Joe (Caribbean Joe)

I enjoy long walks on the beach, scooter rides and zombies.  

I have a BS in BS.  I can BS in at least 2 languages and I can convincingly imitate a few others.

I enjoy any occasion to dress up.  I will go disco, zombie or Mandalorian if you give me a reason. 

I am Caribbean Joe.  Born in Texas, I lived in the southwest pretty much all my life.  A desert dweller's life for me.  

So I picked up quizzing after my friend and scorekeeper, Island Amy, found an ad and prodded me to audition.  The rest is history.  Loving the quiz and the people it draws.  If I am not quizzing, you may find me out enjoying Tucson.

You may also see me around town on my scooter.  Feel free to wave.

If you want to know more, stop by and quiz and meet me and I just might answer your questions. Hell I may even answer you truthfully.

Where’s Pat?  Well he is off enjoying a music festival watching Madonna make out with Drake.  (I think he bought special backstage passes for that) So while he is off bonding with a half a million people, we made due without him.  If anything he should have some great stories to share when he comes back next week. 

I love good live music.  Now I have been to some big shows, but never to a large a large festival.  I unfortunately feel I may be beyond the target audience.  Then again, the older I have gotten, the more inclined I am to go to something like Coachella.  It could be fun to spend a few days catching bands, getting rowdy and probably peeing in bottles in the middle of a crowd as it probably takes a half hour to make your way to the porta johns. Seriously, these things seem more like fun to me.  I have even talked to some people about getting out to Burning Man.  As much as I do want to go, I always seem to have something get in the way.  As it is, I have yet to make it to Circus Mexicus.  Let me pass this on to you all.  As I go on, I realise that if there is something that you want to go and do, you should jump at any opportunity to do it.  Next time may not always be there.  So don’t go crazy and abandon everything to do all the things you want to do, but if you can do something, go for it.  Then you can always come back with a good story.  Then again, you might have a crap story, but that could be just as entertaining to your friends.  Seeing as we are all part of the tech generation, the thought of getting out to a big electronic festival isn’t an out there thought. It is going to be really funny at concerts and cons and stuff because as people get older, their interests stay pretty much the same.  So elderly ravers and cosplayers will be a thing.  Then again nursing homes would be pretty cool because if you have a group of tech heads together, you are going to have a nursing home wide LAN party.  So know that in the near future, grandma is going to be owning your ass at Halo.

We had a fun group of you out last night and there was sure an air of competition in play.  At the end of the night we had a first place showdown between Pencil Activated Noise Machine and Chekov’s Gun.  We entered sudden death pencils at the ready.  The questions were asked and as the answers were revealed, the balance kept shifting, and then at the end, they tied yet again.  So we went to a tie breaker question.   After a moment of back and forth among the teams, the answer was revealed and….Chekov’s Gun was knocked to 2nd place by Pencil Activated Noise Machine.  The prizes of $25 and $10 went  to their respective teams.  Leila was our email bonus winner and she took home some emergency underwear.  I like to give a bit of encouragement to our penultimate team, so I had cookies for Specs in the City for their heroic effort.

See you back next week for more things geek.  Hopefully Patrick will bring some souvenirs for prizes too.  Don’t forget the upcoming Marvel quiz!  Patsquatch will be hosting.  See you there!  

500 N 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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12:59 AM, April 10, 2015
goodbye tucson 79

masturbation is art and science 78

human centipede 3 thanks obama 77

bees are good 75

chekhov's gun 72

eh* 56

pretty prancing princess 52

the other type of stripper 49

when life gives you yemens 49

specs in the city 37

takeover 35

geekgasm 26

taint misbehavin 23

kiki 12



Quiz Schedule
Quizmaster at Bumsted's on Thursday at 8pm
Patrick (Patsquatch)

Patsquatch is the author of four books and three movies. In addition he is an avid gamer, artist, musician, actor, martial artist, and film buff. 

The next few weeks are going to kill me. We are so close to the summer movie season, kicked off by Avengers Age of Ultron that I can taste it but we are so far away that it almost physically hurts. That we are going to be doing our Marvel theme quiz the day after Avengers launches which also happens to be Free Comic Book Day makes it just a bit worse. This should be a pretty badass summer for movies and the wait is kind of punishing. Almost as much as my whining about the wait must be.   

Here’s the recap:

Round 1 was Three Clues, Two Syllables, One Answer and I gave teams three clues leading to a two-syllable word. Scores were pretty mixed here with half the teams scoring perfect rounds and the other half…not so much. Toto, Molly and Chipper gave a lot of teams problem but I was very happy that most teams knew the Rocket Raccoon question. That bodes pretty well for the upcoming Marvel theme quiz…

Round 2 was Four-Letter Words and teams had to name the song and artist of these songs with four letter titles. Often music rounds either go one way or another with a bunch of songs I like or a bunch I don’t. This round was pretty well mixed with some that I love and some that I straight up hate. Baby by Justin Bieber may be one of the worst ever while I love Hell by the Squirrel Nut Zippers and Zero by the Smashing Pumpkins…Push by Matchbox 20? Holy shit no. Teams were pretty mixed here and it was pretty horrified by the consistency of which teams knew Bieber and little else.

Round 3 was People Who Gave It Up, Other Than Your Mom and it was all about famous people who gave up. Scores were better here but with any either or round there were some misses. None of them particularly stood out as most missed.

Round 4 was This is What Happens When We Try to Count in German and it was all about wine, swine, and the Rhine.  Scores were pretty grim here across the board. I blame the Germans.  Or I would blame the Germans if my Dad wasn’t German. There is plenty to blame on the Germans I guess but probably teams not knowing about Wild Hogs and Thomas Jefferson  isn’t one of those things. Now I feel like an asshole for even bringing up Germans.

The visual round was Exquisite Corpses and teams had to name the movie that the corpse was from. This was a really strong round for most teams with only Gravity being a real problem. Some teams confused Seven with the Godfather which makes me wonder if that mistake has ever happened before. I seriously doubt it but who really knows.

Round 6 was the South Will Rise Again and it was about the south and yeast. Is it a surprise that the second question was about racist fucksticks the KKK? It is a pretty sad statement on the south that this is not surprising. I feel like I am about to get into German territory here but slavery rears its head indirectly in the Django Unchained question. This round also makes me glad I don’t have Thrush.

Round 7 was Bad Blondes and I played clips from movies and TV shows featuring blondes who are really shitty. A fair number of teams did pretty well here while others struggled to sort Game of Thrones from the Karate Kid. Rocky IV really gave people problems. Roughly about as many problems as Drago gave Apollo.

Round 8 was Random Knowledge as usual and it was kind of rough for just about everyone. A lot of teams were thrown by the real pope versus the shit we made up. I can’t say I am surprised because who the hell would imagine there would be a Pope Eugene. I mean I guess aside from people who really know their shit when it comes to Popes but this isn’t a Pope Culture quiz. I am so, so sorry for that joke.

It was a pretty close race all game long with the top three teams alternating between being tied with each other and being off by one point. At the end of it all, Goodbye Tucson squeaked out first place with 79 points while Masturbation Art and Science took second place with 78 points. Alicia took home a Despair banner for the email bonus question which hopefully does not describe how her team felt coming in at third place by just one point.

Well that is it for another week at Geeks Who Drink. Don’t forget that the second Marvel theme quiz is coming up on May 2nd.  Check the website you are currently on to find out where but know that there will be money up for grabs as well as a costume contest. And now it has 100% more Guardians of the Galaxy in it and that is never bad.  See you next week!

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