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500 N 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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10:00 AM, November 21, 2014
Mighty morphling power rangers 86

My dead squirrels bring all the boys to the hob 84

Cinna's buns, setting girls on fire since 2008 83

Katniss explains it all 83

Catpiss everstream 81

Hispanics at the disco 79

Why isn't this Harry Potter quiz? 77

Cinnasational 69

May the odds be ever in our favor 67

catching fireball 64

I was told the odds were in my favor, but now that I'm an adult, I found out they're not 63

Cosby peep show 31

rumpleforeskin 12

Safari Mari


Quiz Schedule
Playground, Wednesdays 8pm
Marissa (Safari Mari)

I was born & raised in San Diego, California, I left for a few years to attend and graduate from the University of Arizona. Bear down! I used to spend my days teaching Tucson's youth--the future of America (get out while you can--seriously.) So, now I'm embarking to medical school. In my spare time, I enjoy geeking out at quiz or hanging with friends!

I love animals, science, books....and quizzing! There's more to know...but really, who cares?

Keep Calm & Geek On!

Day 1:

A sweet young human found me outside. My belly was swollen and I was always hungry and cold. She scooped me into her warm arms and walked me to her home. She smelled like herbs and cheese. Delicious. But then once inside, the Mean One took one look at me and then tried to drown me in a bucket of freezing water. The Nice One stopped her and saved me again. My war with the Mean One began. She’s awful.

Day 13:

The Nice One woke up screaming during the night, which happens a lot. I try to comfort her, just to make sure the racket stops. It’s so loud. But she is scared or upset, so I mash my face into hers and purr to tell her that I love her. She is good.

Day 59:

The mouse is no longer a problem. I killed it. The Nice One was ecstatic and picked me up (I did not like) and praised me. I was just happy that it finally stopped vexing me. I am a killing machine. I have already acquired my next target.

Day 120:

Every day, the Nice One gives me milk from the Milk Producer. It makes annoying noises, but it’s warm and makes the delicious white liquid. It can stay. The Mean One just glares at me and I am pretty sure she is plotting my death. I will stay up all night at stand watch, laying on the Nice One. She’ll save me again. When the Mean One leaves, then I can sleep. I like hissing at her.

Day 1095:

So every year, Prim gets very nervous around a particular day. I’ve heard it called “Reaping” or something like that. Sounds like something with birds. I hate birds. The Mean One helps calm her, but, let’s face it. I’m the best for that. I’ll wait for this morning to pass. Prim comes back soon. I will nap near the Milk Producer

Day 1096:

The Mean One did not return yesterday. Prim hasn’t stopped crying. The Other Lady (looks like older version of the Nice One)  tried to console her. I purred a lot, but the Nice One was very upset. Looks like the Mean One will be gone for a while. I would normally be happy about this, but Prim seemed so distraught that I found myself hoping the Mean One would return soon. This makes me loathe myself a little bit.

Day 1097:

The Nice One and Other Lady watched the Glowing Picture Box. The Mean One was on it. It was weird. The Nice One cried a lot. I felt bad. It looked like the Mean One was being hunted by others. That sucks.

Day 1114:

The Mean One came back. But she’s different. She’s quiet (even more so) and actually nice. She moved us to a new house, but it is too nice. I like the old place better. More mice, too. The Mean One comes over a lot. She petted me yesterday. I didn’t completely hate it. She’s changed since she was on the Glowing Picture Box. I’m not sure, but I think we all are.


Well, it’s a good things Suzanne Collins didn’t write the Hunger Games that way. But, it’s funny to think of how the lived of the four-legged characters would go from our favorite books. Just think of how “Pride & Prejudice” would be, if it was written by Mr. Darcy’s mount.

We had a great night at Bumsted’s. While it was the Hunger Games, no teams went hungry with all the delicious food and we had beverages pouring in like it was the Capitol. Well, not really. They would keep it all for themselves. Selfish bastards. Teams did really well, too! The scores were all fairly close, plus nearly every team jokered the 16 point- round 8! At the end of the battle for top tributes, The Mighty Morphling Power Rangers were the victors, winning first place and splitting the prize of $113! My Dead Squirrels Bring All The Boys to the Hob were second place and scored a care package from their quiz sponsors! Enjoy the goodies! And the draw-off for third place, rocketed “Cinna’s Bun’s: Setting Girl’s On Fire Since 2008” to the top and won the hand-painted Mockingjay shield, created by scorekeeper and fellow QM Caribbean Joe. The lovely ladies of “Katniss Explains it All” were bummed about losing 3rd, but hammed it up for the cameras.

All in all, it was a great night! Thanks to everyone for coming out and having some good ol’ quizzing fun. Looks like the odds were in everyone’s favor! Until next time!

Mari, out!

500 N 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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12:29 AM, November 14, 2014
chekhov's gun 83

too many cooks break the internet 82

the ass that broke the internet 82

who pooped in the foam pit 74

super chEEsy 69

why's this so hard that?s what she said 67

we've got 99 problems and trivia's 1 51

the butt of a bad kim kardashian joke 51

rosetta used its harpoon on the space whale known as your mom 46

science geeks 46

bottom rung 46

actriviaa 44

2 girls and a guy 37

the dream 27



Quiz Schedule
Quizmaster at Bumsted's on Thursday at 8pm
Patrick (Patsquatch)

Patsquatch is the author of four books and three movies. In addition he is an avid gamer, artist, musician, actor, martial artist, and film buff. 

So here we are at that place in history where we can land a craft on a comet but it is overshadowed by a pseudo celebrity’s ass. Well done world, well done. People ask a lot why we aren’t really living in the future. No hoverboards, no flying cars, no hologram sequels to Jaws, no lightsabers…the list goes on. Am I saying that massive and badass scientific discoveries aren’t happening because of the asses of people famous for nothing in particular? Yes. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with us that we care more about that stuff than real advancement? I would like to think that if I managed to get my hands on a real lightsaber I would be way to busy accidentally cutting my leg off to notice a Kardashian ass. Oh well. Why worry about time travel or teleportation when we can see naked people we don’t know on the internet?

Here’s the recap:

Round 1 was State Your Answer and all the answers were two-letter US postal abbreviations as well as the answers to the questions. More than half the teams tonight got perfect rounds here. I am not sure what the hell Gen X drink is called OK but then I am right at the end of Gen X so maybe it was just before my time.

Round 2 was made up of songs with four letter titles. Three teams jokered with a perfect round which set up a pretty epic battle for the rest of the game. Amongst the rest of the teams it seemed that Spandau Ballet’s True and Tusk by Fleetwood Mac gave them the most problems.

Round 3 was a speed round based on the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly in which 10 current scripted, narrative prime-time TV shows in the US that have aired more than 200 episodes. Lots of teams offered the Big Bang Theory but that has only been on 167 episodes. Some shows people guessed incorrectly were no longer on the air and some were daytime dramas. The most awkward part about this round for me is that I had just read the list in Entertainment Weekly while on the toilet before quiz. Shit, I shouldn’t have told you that. Now it is really awkward.

Round 4 was a round on tall people called The Weather is Pretty Good, I Guess. This was a pretty solid round for teams. There were no perfect rounds and there were few low scores. A few teams didn’t catch the goddess hint in the question about Venus Williams and a few teams couldn’t identify Lyndon B Johnson but in generally it was pretty strong for most teams.

The visual round was a bit rough for teams as a lot of them couldn’t identify the movie or show featuring the thief. Technically only one of them was a show but a fair number of teams got Leverage anyway. One that really caused problems was Hudson Hawk. I really can’t fault any teams for not recognizing that piece of shit. I would rather teams not get that than them getting the points for it. It was still a pretty rough round for just about everyone though.

Round 6 was Scents and Sensibility and it was about scents and Jane Austen. This was a mostly strong round with some outliers on the low end but most teams did pretty well. I was surprised by the number of people who missed the Anne Hathaway question but the rest of them were pretty spread out. Generally, you guys really know your smelly stuff and your Austen.

Round 7 was an audio round featuring celebrities in Geico commercials. This was another rough one for most teams. Part of that might have to do with teams thinking that Charo was Speedy Gonzales, which is also super racist. My favorite part of this round was the Peter Frampton clip. I love talk box stuff and I feel like more doctors should give bad news with a talk box. The doctor could tell me I have a form of herpes that makes my junk explode and I would be cool with it if he or she told me with a talk box. Okay, well maybe not that but you get the idea.

Round 8 was Random Knowledge as always. A fair number of teams did well here with some late round jokers that shifted the rankings a bit but the strong scores and jokers from round 2 were too much to surmount. Still, teams did well in general here and thank god everyone got the question about the two counties in Arizona since we are in Arizona. I am pretty sure if anyone got that wrong I would have to make the executive decision that they automatically lose. Maybe I am drunk with power. I don’t know and thankfully we never have to know what might have happened.

Tonight’s top three teams battled hard and it came down to just one point between winners Chekhov’s Gun and the two teams tied for second Too Many Cooks Break the Internet and The Ass That Broke the Internet. Normally we handle this sort of thing with a dance off but neither team wanted to put someone up so volunteers from other teams stepped up and gave us the dance off everyone wanted. I am pretty disappointed by the tied teams for not dancing themselves but their representatives were bad ass and gave us one of the best dance offs we have ever seen. Brad managed to snag some geek socks from the email bonus question and everything was awesome.

Don’t forget that next week is the awesome Hunger Games theme quiz and you should all come out and win take a shot at the money! Thanks for coming tonight, you guys all rock!

500 N 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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12:46 AM, November 07, 2014
ducey skids into office 87

still waiting for the force to awaken 78

chekhov's gun 77

barber and mcsally's race is tighter than my g-string 76

hispanics at the disco 74

the grand chawhee's birthday 73

elections brought to you by deucy, cheatum and howe 64

super chEEsy 63

big daddy and the drunkards 62

rehab centerfolds 57

flg in the haus 50

we'll settle for last 49

the dream 46

will smith's just the 2 of us 46

the flying spaghetti monsters 42



Quiz Schedule
Quizmaster at Bumsted's on Thursday at 8pm
Patrick (Patsquatch)

Patsquatch is the author of four books and three movies. In addition he is an avid gamer, artist, musician, actor, martial artist, and film buff. 

Well here it is November which has Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, No Shave November, and NaNoWriMo. And probably a bunch of stuff that I don’t know about. Another thing going on this month at Bumsted’s at our normal time is the Hunger Games themed quiz which happens on the 20th just ahead of Mockingjay Part 1 releasing in theaters. I mention this because you should totally come and play that night and maybe you will walk away with some extra cash to be thankful for. As for me, I am hard at work on this year’s novel for NaNoWriMo and I am on pace to be done by the 15th. So I have that going for me.

Here is the recap:

Round 1 was a Really Righteous Round all the answers were alliterative phrases. This round was split down the middle with about half the teams killing and half struggling. Storm Surge and Loss Leader were the two in particular that seemed to give teams problems whereas most teams were checked out pretty well on Marilyn Monroe and Goodness Gracious. I thought seriously about doing an impression of Walken from Balls of Fury when I said Ping Pong but then it occurred to me that I don’t have a functional Walken impression.

The first audio round was Everybody Wants to be Van Halen and it was all covers by Van Halen or random bands we found. There were a ton of jokers and high scores here, one team managing to pull of 15 of 16 points. No one really knew who did Dancing in the Street  and Super Bass by Nicki Minaj caused some issues. That warms my heart a little.

I am just going to say that I hated Round 3. I love Shakespeare and I am kind of luke warm on Final Fantasy but I really hate some of the names involved in this round. So of course it was the round people wanted me to shotgun. If I never have to say Palamecian or Thersites again it will be too fucking soon.

Round 4 was …But Y in which we at Geeks Who Drink collectively give the letter Y the finger. Exhaustion gave teams some problems and as much as I wanted to give points to ‘Beardalicious’ for what you have after no shave November it was really Mustachioed. Lots of teams did well here even if the spelling on ambidextrous was generally pretty atrocious.

The visual round was a home run for most teams to the point where it was almost nullified. One point worth noting: ‘Khaleesi’ is a title and Daenerys is her name. This is an important thing to remember when ridiculously naming your daughter after the character. There are going to be a lot of Khaleesis running around having to deal with nerds letting them know that their name is wrong. This might very well be a new identity disorder in the future.

Round 6 was Recently in Stuff: Red Wave Edition. I don’t want to get into a political discussion here but this was a pretty painful round as it had a lot of post-election material. Lots of teams killed here and there weren’t really consistently missed questions but rather just a smattering of missed answers here and there. Mostly people knew about how Clay Aiken got crushed though. At least it was by an incumbent and not someone that no one really heard from again.

Round 7 was Just Be Yourself and it was a rare double point round for Round 7. This round was pretty brutal for a lot of teams and no one really managed to capitalize on the double points. I was disappointed that only one team recognized Extras because it was one of my favorite shows of all time. It was fun to hear Snoop rap about MILF weed too.

Round 8 was Random Knowledge as usual and while the scores were fairly low for this round it still shifted some fortunes with the joker. Let’s talk about the fact that just about everyone knew that Kris Humphries was the first of Kim Kardashian’s husbands in alphabetical order but pretty much no one knew which was the alphabetically first in NATO member states. This is really horrifying. At least pretty much everyone knew that Gryffindor was the first alphabetical house at Hogwarts. On the other hand, there are only four of them so it isn’t THAT impressive.

After some pretty big swings in rank, Duecy Skids into Office took first place with a staggering nine points more than second place Still Waiting for the Force to Awaken. Christiane scored a Geeks Who Drink trucker hat for the email bonus. It was a great night and I hope everyone had a great time and comes back next week to Geeks Who Drink!

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