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500 N 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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2:08 AM, July 20, 2014
my mandrake screams when you pull it out 78

Espresso Patronum 73

We don't need accio to make you cum 71

dumbledore's coast guard 70

sorting hat put us into waffle house 70

planet of the snapes 69

Casey and the Goblet of Flamers 67

What the hell's a hufflepuff 66

the Griffindorks 65

the mcgonagall stars 63

exceptionally ordinary team 62

belgian quaffles 62

Bowtruckle Hugs 62

department for the celebration and control of magical birthdays 61

my patronus is nicholas cage 61

the sorting cats 60

Never tickle a sleeping dragon 60

Hufflepuff-puff-pass 60

RavencLaw & Order: Voldemort Victims Unit 59

Siriusly!? 58

Uncle Vernon's Unmagical Mustache Rides 56

Farty Crouch Jr 56

Snitches be Crazy 56

Fantastic Breasts and Where to find them 51

Gringottit 51

bone thugs and hermione 50

Sirius is the new black 50

Who invited hufflepuff? 49

Hiss hiss fuck it we don't know parcel tongue 46

why isn't this at congress 46

Wheatherby Weasly 45

filthy mudblood is worse than the N word 44

the azkaban quilting club 43

Quirrell's turban 41

the muggle liberation front 30

the chuchucabras 25

Diagon alley trio 25

spew! 24

Your mom's a muggle 24

mudblood oranges 19

team money 1

Safari Mari


Quiz Schedule
Dante's Fire, Mondays @ 8pm
Marissa (Safari Mari)

I was born & raised in San Diego, California, I left for a few years to attend and graduate from the University of Arizona. Bear down! I now spend my days teaching Tucson's youth--the future of America (get out while you can--seriously.) In my spare time, I enjoy geeking out at quiz or hanging with friends!

I love animals, science, books....and quizzing! There's more to know...but really, who cares?

Keep Calm & Geek On!

Wow. It was an amazing turn out at Bumsted’s for the Geeky Cauldron. 42 teams (two left) and barely anywhere to sit or stand. It was busier than Quality Quidditch Supplies after the Firebolt was released! Luckily, myself (I went by Voldemari tonight) and my Keeper of the Scores, Patfoot, handled everything as smoothly as possible.

And because I am a crazy nerd, I created my own wizarding character….please enjoy the creativity! (read on for more quiz info)


Name: Mina Diana Mercury (Lupin)

Family: She’s the daughter of Remus J. Lupin and Kyra Mercury, both pureblood wizards. She also has a sister, Rose Liora, a 7th year prefect.

Birthday: a day younger than Harry (her birthday’s August 1st)

Year: 5th

House: Gryffindor

Wand: 8 3/4 inches, redwood and phoenix feather. She always wears it in a special leather sheath that’s attached to her belt.

Animal: A red-tailed hawk named Cardinal, nicknamed Ardin <sound familiar, anyone? *g*> Ardin has feathers ranging from deep brown to red-brown, a stomach flecked with light brown, and fierce golden eyes. She is fierce and mistrusting towards most people, loving towards Mina, and tolerant of a few others (Harry, Ron, Brenna, etc.). Mina uses Ardin in place of an owl.

Physical Appearance: Mina stands somewhere between average and tall, being around 5’9". She is slender without being incredibly skinny, and muscular without being visibly so. She has piercing blue eyes that are darker than normal - the color of sapphires. When she’s upset, they become greyer, and when she’s angry, they lean towards green. She has slightly wavy golden blonde hair that has a reddish tint from the red dye Mina used to use before she came to Hogwarts. She always wears it in a tight, waist-length braid or ponytail, and rarely lets it down. She is pretty, without being drop-dead gorgeous.

Personality: Mina is one of the most cheerful people you’ll ever meet. Putting her less-than-happy past behind her, she used to have to act happy all the time to get people to stop worrying about her. This has changed, however, to make her a genuinely, almost painfully (especially in the morning) happy-go-lucky girl who always loves to cheer people up with a huge smile. Beneath the cheerful face, however, Mina is an incredibly deep person who has been through a lot. She doesn’t like to talk about her past, and any reminder of it causes her happy exterior to drop off quickly. She is friendly and sweet, and is always willing to help someone out. Her biggest faults are that she’s stubborn and doesn’t like to accept help, that she is extremely introverted and doesn’t like to talk about her problems, preferring to try and work them out on her own, and that if someone hurts her or her friends, she will never forget it, or forgive them.


Mina’s father, Remus Lupin, was, as you all know, bitten by a werewolf when he was small. He tried to keep it a secret, but eventually word got around, and most of his friends deserted him - save James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, and Kyra Mercury, an American witch who moved to England when she was 8 and met Remus shortly after. The two were very close, about as close as Sirius and Remus. Shortly after Remus left school and he and Kyra parted ways, he realized that he had been in love with her, and tried to find her again.

When Kyra became pregnant with her first child, Luke, she worried that Remus’ lycanthropy would be passed down, but they soon found that it wasn’t hereditary, although their children would have a greater chance of being bitten. Soon, Luke was born - one year later, Rose was, and two years later, Mina was. Remus went on a trip around various wizarding areas in Europe when Mina was about two. He didn’t think it would be safe for the children to be around him, and although he felt horrible, he loved them and didn’t want them to possibly be harmed. Kyra raised all three of them for the next year and a half. When Voldemort began to rise, Kyra worried for the safety of her three children, and sent them to America with a friend. The three children stayed with Kyra’s sister Natalie and her husband Jason. Two years later, Kyra was killed by Voldemort. Mina was four years old.

Mina was raised by Natalie, who meant well, but was extremely distant and often appeared uncaring. She grew very close to her twin cousins, Aster and Lilly, who were five years older. As Jason worked, was sometimes cruel, and rarely paid attention to the children, all five kids were often shipped off to Muggle daycare. One day, when Mina was six (Rose eight, Luke nine, and Aster and Lilly eleven), they came home to find their house a mess, and Jason using the Cruciatus curse on Natalie - he was a Death Eater. Luke recovered the fastest and tried to stop him - Jason killed him and returned to torturing Natalie, barely noticing the others. They managed to get away before Jason killed Natalie.

Aster and Lilly managed to contact one of Kyra’s witch friends, the same one who took them to the US, and took them back to England, in time for Aster and Lilly to start going to Hogwarts. Rose and Mina grew up with the Weasleys, who Kyra’s friend had also known. Mina and Ron became "frenemies", constantly bickering over the smallest things - but somewhere along the line, Mina developed a something of a crush on him, which even she isn’;t completely aware of yet. Aster and Lilly, meanwhile, became very close with Fred and George. Soon, it was time for Rose to go to Hogwarts, and then for Mina. She became fast friends with Brenna Black and Harry Potter, after realizing that they were the children of her father’s friend. She’d never met her father, but had seen pictures of him and knew a lot about him. She also grew close to Hermione Granger, sticking up for her even when Harry and Ron shunned her.

In her third year, Mina found out that her father was going to be the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Almost every night, after classes were over, they’d get together and talk for a long time, about Remus’ trip and early life, and Mina’s dark childhood. The two became extremely close, and when Mina found out he wouldn’t be teaching next year, she was devastated. However, after much pleading from both Rose and Mina, Remus agreed to take them both in, and finally be their true father. Mina was finally with her parent, for the first time in 11 years.

However, close to the end of her fourth year, something happened to Mina that no one else knows about. She was sent a pendant from Remus in the shape of a dark grey wolf’s head, with sapphires for eyes. When she came home for the summer, Remus explained that the pendant protected Mina from being bitten by a werewolf. However, with this came a horrible side effect - if, during a full moon, Mina’s feelings of anger or sadness grew extreme, she would become a werewolf of sorts - only unable to be effected by any of the things a werewolf could be killed or effected by. Mina was horrified when she learned about this, but Remus insisted that it was for her protection and that she needed to learn how to control her emotions. She is determined that no one at Hogwarts find out about this.


Note: I wrote this while being very tired and loopy…so forgive any weirdness. <3


Anyway, it was an insane night and teams were calling each other out and nearly dueling each other in friendly (we hope) competition. The costume contests where a huge hit-- Gael won the Best Hipster (aka Wizard Dressed as a Muggle) category and won a cool Hogwarts House pot for plants! It’s property of Herbology so don’t let Professor Longbottom catch you killing plants, now. Kirsten (aka Quizmistress, Lady Busty) won for Best Original Wizarding Character! She looked ravishing and won the “I’m a Keeper” hand painted mug! What a mug-gle! And we had a spot-on Lavender Brown who won the Look-a-like contest! She snagged a Harry & the Potters cd! A couple random teams got prizes, too! Wizarding candy is the best when shared!

It was  a tough quiz, but teams certainly had what it takes to rise through the ranks and dominate the night. Hermione herself would be proud for all your hardwork!  First place went to My Mandrake Screams When You Pull It Out-- they celebrated a round of butterbeers with their $495 winnings! It pays to be nerdy!! Second place went to Espresso Patronum, whose caffeinated personalities certainly drove away the other team’s boggarts.  They also won an original painting of the Hogwarts Express, compliments of Voldemari and her House Elf, Kelsey. The birthday boy of team We Don’t Need Accio To Make You Cum pretty much singlehandedly snagged third place! And was rewarded with some Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans! We had a couple extra prizes, so the two teams tied for fourth place had to duel for first choice! Sorting Hat Put Us Into Waffle House protected their 4th place rank with an excellently cast Protection charm, which left Dumbledore’s Coast Guard to grab 5th! Both teams won fancy hand painted potion bottles! Oooooo...fancy!

Thanks again to everyone dealing with the large mass of teams and craziness! It was so much fun! See you next week at 8pm on Thursday !

500 N 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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12:50 AM, July 18, 2014
what can I get for these malaysian airlines frequent flier miles 77

weird hal 9000 76

chekhov's gun 70

best write something here 62

civic minded 5 59

catticus finch 52

nervous llamas 52

pavlov's cat 42

big c 30

fashionably late 16



Quiz Schedule
Quizmaster at Bumsted's on Thursday at 8pm
Patrick (Patsquatch)

Patsquatch is the author of four books and three movies. In addition he is an avid gamer, artist, musician, actor, martial artist, and film buff. 

Is it just me or is the summer flying by? It is hard to tell sometimes being a grown up and not having summer break but it sure seems like time is flying by and given that summers here feel like you are being baked in a super bright oven, that is a pretty good thing. Also San Diego Comic Con happens next week and that is going to be pretty badass. After that it is a hop skip and a jump to Guardians of the Galaxy opening which is hopefully going to pretty badass as well. It occurs to me that I apparently live my life according to movie and video game release schedules. Some might say this is a sad empty life and to them I would say…well nothing because I am too busy watching movies and playing video games.

Here’s the recap:

Round 1 was RH Factor in which all of the answers started with R and ended with H. Teams did pretty well here although Reach and Romansh were a bit tricky for some. Pretty much every one got Ruth for a baseball legend, a sex therapist, and a candy bar. One team mentioned that they preferred sex. Good to know.

The first audio round was Songs for the Directionally Challenged and this was the first of several rough rounds this game. A few teams took an early lead with jokers here but most teams struggled. Ass Back Home by Gym Class Heroes was the most missed for sure with Lost in Love by Air Supply a close second. Most teams got Walk This Way by Run DMC (featuring Aerosmith) which is as it should be.

Round 3 was 1881, 1981 or Both and this one was pretty rough. With three options instead of 50/50 odds took a serious toll on teams who were guessing. One team nailed the question about the Yorkshire Ripper, however, because that is where they were from which is pretty cool.

Round 4’s Mystery Round was a bit odd as all the answers formed a clue for the bonus question. Teams did pretty well here with most getting Eeyore in all of his thistle-loving glory and most teams knowing the spoilery fate of Macaulay Culkin at the end of My Girl. The majority of teams got the clue but only one walked away with the bonus.

The visual round was Uta WHOgen and teams had to identify the movies and TV shows in the picture. Teams did really well here with only Dune and UHF causing confusion. UHF is amazing and it should be watched for sure. Also, the picture of Crossroads is probably going to give me nightmares tonight.

And here we are at Round 6. Good god. This one was brutal for teams and the highest score was 4 points. I feel like teams should be pretty proud of that score given how tough this round was. Teams had to pair a video game character with a real person to form an awful pun name. Of all the things I thought I might have to say this year, Parappa the Crapper was never one of them. No one got Wario Van Peebles which makes me sad because Sonny Spoons is cool and also I really like that pun.

Round 7 was the second audio round and it was Back and to the Left, which, along with Crossroads, is going to haunt my dreams in the form of Kevin Costner showing diagrams of the magic bullet in JFK. Some teams did great, some teams not so much. Backdraft stumped a lot of teams as did the Way Way Back but oddly Left Behind was not much missed. I guess Rapture talk gives it away but no Kirk Cameron vehicle should ever be better known that anything with Sam Rockwell or Kurt Russell. Somehow, impossibly, the upcoming Nicholas Cage remake of left behind looks worse than the one from 2000. Dear god.

Round 8 was Random Knowledge as well and a lot of teams jokered here and it moved the rankings around but it wasn’t enough for most of them. Tonight’s teams really knew altoids flavors but Double Fantasy eluded them. ‘Who is That Guy Following Me Yoko?’ is the best incorrect guess, maybe ever.  I was kind of surprised that so few teams knew that Munich housed the 1972 Summer Olympics in which nine Israeli athletes were murdered given that the movie about that incident was named Munich but then again I have never seen the movie so maybe I should knock it off with the judgments.

Tonight’s quiz was pretty tough and the fight for number one was close all night long. What Can I Get for These Malaysian Airlines Frequent Flier Miles shot down Weird Hal 9000 by just one point. The teams were close all game long and it all came down to just one point. Leila is apparently leading a charmed life as far as winning email bonus questions goes because she one for the second time in a row tonight and went home with a pack of candy cigarettes.

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight and don’t forget that this Saturday at 7:00pm at Bumsteds the Harry Potter theme quiz is happening. It sounds like there is going to be a pretty huge crowd so make sure to show up early and remember that this is for cash money so it is $5 per person to play. See you all next week (or at Harry Potter)!

500 N 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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1:56 AM, July 11, 2014
vagina pimples 78

chekhov's gun* 78

mathmagical 72

good thing for tucson I don't own a gun 70

invisible friends 64

we're punny and we know it 64

closet with a dumb waiter 61

agents of fortune 60

patriotic cobras 60

imitation cheese puffs 59

two fingers 57

turner and hooch 34

whiskey tango foxtrot 32



Quiz Schedule
Quizmaster at Bumsted's on Thursday at 8pm
Patrick (Patsquatch)

Patsquatch is the author of four books and three movies. In addition he is an avid gamer, artist, musician, actor, martial artist, and film buff. 

So wow, right? Tonight was quite an adventure with technical issues, delays, and me giving up an answer by accident. But you know what? The teams tonight were super cool about it and while some crowds might have been dicks, the Bumsted’s crowd reminded me why doing this is so fun and rewarding by being supportive and awesome. Geeks Who Drink crowds are generally pretty awesome across the board but I love my teams and I am excited to see all of them every week. I think it is important to acknowledge just how much they rock and how much they mean to me.

Here’s the recap:

Round 1 was Blanks for the Advice in which teams had to fill in the blanks of some well-worn adages. Teams did pretty well here for the most part. If it bleeds it leads threw some teams and It’s not a bug, it’s a feature messed some people up but for the most part teams were solid. I was happy to see that pretty much everyone got Don’t Panic given I have it tattooed on my wrist and all. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy rules.

The first audio round was Banjos Ain’t Just for Inbreds No More and it was all songs with banjo in it. Best Day of my Life by American Authors is easily the most missed song with teams offering guesses of Imagine Dragons, Fun. And a pretty much every similar sounding indy rock band aside from the one that actually did it because not many got that one right. Most teams nailed Cups by Anna Kendrick which was awesome because she is my imaginary girlfriend. That sounded way creepier than it probably is. Probably.

Round 3 was the First Best is the Best Best and it was an either or round on pioneering award-winners. Teams were pretty well divided here with no super high scores and no questions that everyone got right or wrong. All I can say is that while I have never seen the Village People’s Can’t Stop the Music but that year’s Razzie must have been a reverse Sophie’s Choice of epic proportions because holy shit Xanadu.

Round 4 was I Was Born to a Supermodel and All I Got Was This Lousy Butt Chin and it was all about genetics. Everyone knew Jurassic Park used the DNA found in the blood of mosquitos to clone dinosaurs but the different sex identical twins roughed a lot of teams up. Likewise tesem dogs caused some problems too. Most teams knew about eugenics though and I am not sure if that is good or bad.

The visual round was Nobody’s Ugly in Hollywood and we asked teams to identify the ugly character played by the attractive actor. Teams did great here for the most part. That Yellow Bastard from Sin City was a bit tricky as he was also known as Roark Jr so I was a bit lenient here and accepted both that and Yellow Bastard. Also can we talk about that picture of John Matsuzak? I am not sure which is more horrifying, Sloth or that naked pic of him lying on the rug. I don’t want to speak ill of the dead but damn.

Round 6 Was Only 90’s Kids Will Get This and this was a bait and switch asking questions about pop culture in the 1890s. This was another mixed bag of a round with Wurlitzer and Carpathian mountains really messing people up. Lots of teams know their 1890s erotic fantasies though which is nice to see and pretty much everyone got the question about Sherlock Holmes.

Round 7 was all about Beatles songs in different languages and most teams dominated here which I am sure had nothing at all to do with me giving away Let it Be. My gaff aside, this round just goes to show how universally recognizable the Beatles music is.

Round 8 was Random Knowledge as usual and while there was no outright domination, a lot of moves were made. Lots of teams knew that Sun Tzu wrote the Art of War which was cool, even if the Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi is better. No one knew that Birch was the bark that can be processed into effective bug repellent.  Not many teams got that Christy Walton was the world’s richest woman and I think that is probably good.

While Round 8 made for some big moves, those moves weren’t big enough as the top two teams all game tied for first and had to meet on the field of battle for sudden death. Sudden death can be pretty rough trade for teams sometimes as evidenced by the 2 to 1 victory Chekhov’s Gun squeaked out against Vagina Pimples. Leila from Chekhov’s Gun managed a double win when she took home a monkey themed air freshener just in time for the new Planet of the Apes movie to open tomorrow.

Thanks to all the teams that came out and remember that the Harry Potter theme quiz is coming to Bumsteds on July 19th! Come out and support it so that Bumsteds keeps getting cool quizzes and also because it will be awesome and you can win some cold hard cash. See you all next week!

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