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Meet Your Quizmaster

Every first and third Friday of the month. Interviews by "Quizmaster of the Year," Michelle Miller!

Take a peek behind the host with our in depth interview series with the men and women who help run Geeks Who Drink each and every week! Click Here to see a list of who we've already interviewed! 

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10:08 AM, September 07, 2014


Quiz Schedule
Sundays and Tuesdays - Zio Carlos Magnolia Brew Pub
Michelle (OG QMotY)

I was once named quizmaster of the year.  I had to pass the torch.  I will always be the original. I will always be your first, your last, your everything.


I got to sit down with one of Tacoma's finest. We talked about bars that host quiz and cage fights (sometimes on the same night). Thankfully, I made it out of the interview alive. 

Thanks for taking time to chat with me. 
I'm just honored that you are interviewing me before Colin Sheehan.

Awe...did you not read Colin's interview a few months ago?
Hahaha, apparently not. I see his name and keep scrolling.

You have one job. Be more interesting than Colin Sheehan.
I think I can handle that.

Alright.  So, first things first. How long have you been with the company?
Going on 3 years.

Now, you are in Tacoma, right?
Fuck yes. I quiz in Gig Harbor though, which is basically Tacoma for rich people.

Ohh...60% more money and 30% fewer stabbings?
I mean, it's Tacoma. You can go to Nigeria and find 30% fewer stabbings.

Good point. So, how did you find out about Geeks Who Drink?
My wife and I strolled into the legendary Paddy Coyne's quiz one Tuesday evening. And I met a man who turned out to be a God.

And that man was?
Holland Fucking Hume.

The man, the myth, the ledgend.
His penis really is that big, ladies and gentleman. I've seen it.

You're not special. Everyone has seen it.

So, you were a quiz player. Were you a winner?
I was...and then I wasn't. Tacoma has stiff competition, and as quiz grew, Holland asked me to be his scorekeeper. Then i went on a little audition with Jon Pio, and all of a sudden, I'm driving 35 miles each way hosting quiz in Renton.

Talk to me about Renton.
Haha. I had a quizzer get mad and punch his girlfriend's mom in the face after quiz. I mean, Jack's was an interesting place. They had a cage in the bar...for fights.

Renton sounds amazing.
I am stronger QM because of my time there, that's for sure.

I have zero doubt about that. So, what do you do besides host a quiz?  What's your day job?
I am a CNC Machinist/Programmer.

I don't know what those words mean.
I take raw materials (aka metal) and turn it into usable parts with the help of computer-controlled machines.

Oh man...you're like an alchemist.
Haha, not quite, but I am probably going to be responsible for Skynet. Sorry in advance for that.

I'll remember this. So, if I you had to list the top 3 best things about being a quizmaster what would they be?
First and foremost, being able to fuck with people. I'm kind of an asshole, and putting a Microphone in my hand just makes it worse. It's like how bullies in high school become cops. The second thing would be the worship. I force my quizzers to cheer for me every week, no joke. If I don't hear whistling and clapping, I don't start quizzing.

HAHAHAHAHA!! Awesome! And #3?
Three is just the number of awesome stories I get to tell about quiz. Like the girl who told me she [do things to] me in the bathroom at Jack's if I made sure her team at least came in second place.

SECOND? Awe...that poor girl's dad didn't love her enough.
Yeah. she wasn't even shooting for first. They came in last.

That's your story and you're sticking to it. So, you love hosting the quiz. What are your favorite rounds?
I love Before and After Rounds. Mainly because most quizzers hate them.  I love it when the bar is really fucking loud and you ask a ridiculously difficult question, and all of a sudden, it's completely silent.

So, are you more geek or drink?
I have really cut down on the alcohol consumption, but I am a total geek. I can't watch Big Bang Theory because I find myself arguing with my TV about various nerdy things.

I can't watch BBT because I think it is a terrible show.
It certainly is and my parents love it. If I am over there and they are watching it, I have to leave the room. One thing I really hate about it is that none of the women on the show are geeky. Like, even the smart ones don't like Star Trek or even Buffy.

You already know more about it than I do. So, what do you geek out for?
Like I said, my parents love that show. Probably my biggest geek obsession is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I'm also into most Sci Fi, really, especially Star Trek.

Cool. Old Trek or TNG?
I'm a fan of the Original Series, but TNG is where it's at.

Good answer. So, did you see the TMNT movie?

It could be good. They already have that half mutant Megan Fox in it. Seriously, have you seen her thumbs? 
Hold on, let me google it.

Holy shit!

Yeah....TOE THUMBS, SON! Aside from hosting a fundraiser to get Ms. Fox a thumb transplant, if you could host a QFAC for any charity, what would you choose and why?
Oh shit, now you are making me think...probably Autism Speaks.  I used to be a caregiver for autistic adults and I feel like even today a lot of people are confused as to what autism is. I think awareness is pretty important.

I agree with that. That's a pretty noble cause. Now if you could host any private event what would you choose?
Jason Segel's bachelor party with Seth Rogan and Neil Patrick Harris as groomsman.

Hahaha...why those three guys?
I have been told by more than one person that Seth Rogan and I have the same run, so having an opportunity to have a foot race with somebody who runs just like me would be awesome. Neil Patrick Harris knows magic and shit. Plus he's gay and gay people are cool automatically, and Jason Segel because I feel like he doesn't mind embarrassing himself, which would be necessary.

I'll be sure to send this interview out to all of them.
Sweet! yeah, let's make it happen

How would you say working for geeks has changed your life?
It's more than just changed my life, it's taken it over. I used to hang out with a lot of different people from diverse backgrounds. Now, everyone I hang out with is connected to quiz somehow QMs, quizzers, or bar staff, which is cool, because a lot of my old friends were lame.

Way to upgrade.
Yeah, none of my old friends ever offered to [do things to me] to finish second in anything.

Aside from "perfect your sexual innuendo," if you could give any advice to quizzers or Quizmasters what would it be?
For the quizzers: Listen to the fucking quizmaster. Nothing I hate more than telling a room full of quizzers that you do round 5 in your own time and that it's due with round 4. Only for them to come at me after round 4 with "Oh you want the pictures now, we haven't done that yet." For quizmasters: Don't be lazy. It is easy to get into a routine and "phone in" the quiz. A good QM doesn't allow that to happen.

Excellent advice.

Russel is on haitus due to a surgery from a masturbation injury, but that's no reason for you to not head out on Monday nights at 7:30pm to Lunchbox Laboratory.  
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7:50 AM, August 23, 2014


Quiz Schedule
Sundays and Tuesdays - Zio Carlos Magnolia Brew Pub
Michelle (OG QMotY)

I was once named quizmaster of the year.  I had to pass the torch.  I will always be the original. I will always be your first, your last, your everything.

I got to sit down with new(ish) Chicago Quizmaster, Wyl.  He introduced me to Jeppson's Malort and I just hope I make it out of this interview alive now. 

Alright....first things first, tell me where you are.
Buena Park, Chicago, Illinois, United States

How long have you been with Geeks?
I started in October of last year, so, what's that... 8 months?

You're a baby!!
I am. A heavily drinking baby.

That's how we like them.  So, how did you find out about Geeks?
I moved into a new apartment last July, right around the time that Geeks was starting up here. There's a bar around the corner from my house (Holiday Club) that had a poster, and I started geeking out about it. We went the first night it was there, won, and then came back every week. Eventually I needed a night job and GWD was hiring.  

Excellent. What is your day job if we are your night job?
I've got two, I do public relations and marketing for a dating company called Nerds at Heart and I am a ghost writer.

Talk to me about Nerds at Heart.
Nerds at Heart is an in-person singles events company. It's similar to speed dating but with rotating groups and board games. We also add in trivia questions, a quiz to see who is "the biggest nerd" and themed prizes and drink specials. We're in 4 cities across the Midwest and are expanding.

That sounds amazing.  How many matches have you made?
I don't have all of the numbers (we don't do post event match making, since we want to encourage our attendees to take that step themselves), but in the last year or so there have been three marriages and two babies. The most recent coming just a few weeks back.

That's my favorite part of the job. Seeing people actually fall in love. It's cute. And beats writing promo copy all day.

Yeah, I would assume so. Plus nerd love is adorable.
One guy proposed on the London Eye with a handmade box that looked like a die. Their wedding was dice themed. It was amazing.

Let’s talk about ghost writing. As a ghost writer, what do you write? Romance novels? Please say it's romance novels.
God I wish it was romance novels.  Right now I do blog posts for a tech company. But I HAVE worked on a book of sex and marriage advice before. That was... interesting...

Tech blogs are boring.  I like sex advice.
I'm a bigger fan of doing the tech stuff. There's only so many synonyms you can use for vagina before your stomach starts to turn.

I guess that is true.  Creative nicknames are where it’s at. So, would you say you are more geek or drink?
I am the perfect combination of both of those things. I deal with geeks and nerds all day, I perpetually outgrow my bookshelf, and I drink like a goddamn fish. In Chicago there's this booze called Malort, and my obsession with it has led to me modeling their t-shirts and getting a tattoo of their logo, paid for by them.  To put a bow on that, I am also a geek about drinking.

What does this Malort taste like?
Grapefruit flavored gasoline.

Oh dear that sounds amazing.
Also, bugspray and earwax infused vodka

That last part sounds terrible.
Most people don't like it. It's usually a dare or a joke, but it's the only hard alcohol I drink anymore.

You are the live embodiment of a Jackass episode.
With a little less male nudity, though.

We can dream.  So, besides terrible booze, what do you "geek out" for?
I get overly excited looking at specs for new gadgets that I can't afford. Also new books. And new bars. So, in order of geeking out-edness: new bars, new books, new tech toys.

Who's your favorite author?
Etgar Keret. He can make your soul ache in 100 words. Each of his collections is around 50 stories, so it's a ton of bang for your buck, too.

Nice. I will have to look into him. We do a little thing called Quiz For A Cause.  Do you have a non profit that you'd like to help make some money?
Yeah. There's an organization that provides mentors to refugee teen girls called GirlForward. They do some amazing work and deserve all the love/money/shout outs they can get.

That sounds like a very worthwhile cause.
I certainly think so

Tell me something about your quiz.  Sell it to me. Convince me to come to your quiz when I come to Chicago.
My Tuesday night is hands down the greatest Tuesday night quiz in the city. Besides the fact that we are notorious for our dance offs, it's not unusual for us to have liquor companies come out to pass around free samples and swag. Add that onto the fact that I am the greatest QM who has ever goddamn lived and you've got one hell of a night ahead. And if it's your first time, we won't even force you to do the macarena.

I would think those are the people you would force to do the macarena.
No way. You have to let the macarena into your soul on your own terms. Those impure of heart are not wanted in the mass macarena.

All hail the macarena.  So, how would you say coming on board with Geeks has changed your life.
Well, my liver is certainly worse off for it, but I'm more comfortable in front of people, make small talk easier, and have made some fairly life changing friends.

Anyone in particular you'd like to give a shout out to?
They know who they are.


There are worse things to be shrouded in, I suppose. Do you have any advice you'd like to impart upon the quizzers of the world?
Trust the quiet ones, tip your bartenders better, and put your goddamn phones away.

Excellent advice. Do you have any advice for fledgling quizmasters?
Don't trust the quiet ones, tip your bartenders better, and stretch out with your feelings.

Perfect.  You can catch Wyl at Four Shadows Tavern on Tuesday nights and maybe you'll feel the macarena enter your soul. 

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10:46 AM, August 04, 2014


Quiz Schedule
Sundays and Tuesdays - Zio Carlos Magnolia Brew Pub
Michelle (OG QMotY)

I was once named quizmaster of the year.  I had to pass the torch.  I will always be the original. I will always be your first, your last, your everything.

I got to sit down with one of Austin's finest and one of our newest "overlords" here at Geeks, Kavi Kardos.  We talked about weird required reading and her love of tequila. 

So, how long have you been with "Umbrella Corp?" Errr....I mean Geeks Who Drink?
I got hired in November 2011 as a QM, started hosting my first venue in early 2012 and then fully sold out in 
May 2014.

"Officially sold out"  Explain...
As of May this year I'm the new(ish) Director of PR and Marketing for Geeks, so this is like my life now.

What does that entail?
Oh jesus. um, let's see...I'm in charge of making sure people know about us and all the cool stuff we're doing, like themed quizzes, Geek Bowl and the Rumble in the Pub, and of course our everyday quizzes too.  I spend a lot of time on Facebook, so it's kind of like what everyone else does at their jobs, but I don't get in trouble for it.

What made you the right person for this job?

Was it your extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of facebook? Do you know where the "back room" of facebook is?
No, but I have a friend who works for them and she once stood about four feet away from Zuck for like an hour. I'm a highly persuasive person, so that helps, and I had just enough experience with press outreach/PR-type stuff to feel like I had a shot at the job, when it became available.

What did you do before you became a "Corporate" Geek? 
I have two degrees in publishing that are clearly having next to no impact on my life now. Well, I worked in that field for a bit before deciding I needed to get my foot in the marketing door, since that's a big industry in Austin.

Doing nothing with one wasn't enough so you went back for a second?
Apparently, I just really like being in school, but no one tells you that taking online classes is kind of shitty and totally different from sitting in a real classroom. I did the Masters through a University of Houston online program.

How did you first find out about Geeks?  Were you a quizzer?
No, by the time I auditioned I had only played one Geeks quiz. I had seen our posters all over town and had just gotten fired from hosting a really crappy, proprietary trivia night (not naming names), so I wanted something similar but better.

Tell me about your audition process for us.
I played a quiz at Nomad here in Austin - hosted by Dav Wallace - and then went to auditions pretty soon after that. I think I read a question about Vin Diesel? I got hired, then I trained with John and James at the Highball, which was... a thing.

So, you have a job hosting this super rad quiz. What makes your quiz so great in a town of ALL THE QUIZZES?
I host two nights a week at the same bar (besides my scorekeeping gig on Sundays), so I've gotten to develop the kind of relationship with my bar managers and quizzers that I think a lot of people don't get to have. Read into that what you will. Almost all my quizzers at this point are regulars and I hang out with the bar staff outside of quiz, so it's kind of like getting paid to hang out with buddies twice a week. Only they all have to pay attention to me the whole time.

Exactly. I always tell people that it's like getting paid to force my friends to pay attention to me for 2 hours.
Other people looking at me is like oxygen. I'm an only child.

Basically.  So, do you consider yourself more geek or drink?
Drink for sure. It's a widely known fact at this point because I can't stop writing about it in my quiz blogs, but Chelsea (my roommate and fellow GWD corporate goon) maintains an impressive list of movies I've never seen. Those alone knock me out of the running for geekiness, but there's a ton of other geek stuff I still have yet to get into as well. I will, however, drink you and everyone you know under the table.

What's on your list of geek things to get into?
Comics is at the top. I keep getting recommendations that I need to act on. Not that I have a lot of time for leisure reading. But, yeah, comics are definitely on my list.

I keep meaning to get into them, but then I start watching another season of Seaquest DSV. When you drink. what's your drink of choice?
Beer is definitely my poison, and that's something I do geek out about. But I'm also a big fan of the agave liquors. A good mezcal drink is a beautiful thing.

Talk to me about beers.
Beers... my favorite of all time is Rogue's Dead Guy Ale, and I'm almost always impressed with what Dogfish Head is doing. Luckily central Texas is a great place for breweries so there's always a ton of local-ish stuff to drink. One of my dream promos for Geeks Who Drink involves getting some craft brewery to do a collaboration with us on a special GWD beer.

I want a geeks beer so bad!  Kink's IPA! MAKE IT HAPPEN! 
I'll see what I can do.

Thank you! So, if you could host any dream private event anywhere what would it be?
I'd have to say Playboy Mansion.

In that weird hot tub room?
Either that or amongst the peacocks

Who would you be hosting to?  Just a few bunnies or would Heff be there?
Hef would have to be there. The only way I'd settle for him not being in attendance is if I was hosting a PE for his funeral.

What about a QFAC?  Who would you like to help make some dough?
I'm a sucker for animals, so it would definitely be for an animal shelter of some kind. Emancipet here in Austin is a great org. They cut off a lot of balls. 

I've gotten to host 2 puppy quizzes here and they are my favorite!
Yeah, I've never gotten to do one but I've rescued three pets and I'm ready to deck anyone who gets a dog from a breeder. I even got myself hit by a car while saving a puppy on a busy street, so I feel like I'm well on my way.

Besides beer, what are some things you "geek out" for?
Books, mostly. I'm a literary nerd. I'll talk about lit theory for hours.

What is on your "must read" list for people?
That's a tough question, because it really depends on the reader, but I'd say that every human should read something by John Updike and some of the old Winnie-the-Pooh books. American Psycho is my favorite novel, but it's pretty hard to recommend because it's so fucked up and I wouldn't want the recommendee thinking there's something wrong with me. 

My book that I always recommend is Geek Love by Katherine Dunn. I don't care if people think there's something wrong with me. Everyone should read that book.
Haha, I'll check it out.

You won't regret it. So, how would you say working for Geeks Who Drink has changed your life?
Well, in the last three months it's changed everything, as you'd expect from any new full-time job. But, in general it's introduced me to an entirely new group of friends. It's made me a more confident person, all that stuff you always hear. It's all true.

What kind of advice do you have for someone that is thinking about filling out that online application to come work for us?
First of all, use bit.ly/geeksapply if you're doing it on your phone or tablet. Secondly, for the love of god, just be yourself. There's nothing worse than an audition wherein the person on the mic is acting the way they think a QM is supposed to act.

That's excellent advice. What's your advice for the people out there thinking about attending your quiz?
Show up on time, and you'll have a way better night if you're willing to let go of any aversion you might have to pop punk, because I'm going to play a lot of it.

Explain pop punk to me please?
Fall Out Boy. Remember New Found Glory? Them too. Just really terrible stuff. That you listened to when you were 14. Or almost 28, in my case.

What drink do you recommend your quizzer buy you if they want to grease the wheels?
I guess that depends on exactly which wheels we're talking about, but if there's tequila in it, I'll probably at least grant you brownie points.

Brownie points are a good place to start. Anything else they can do for "brownie points?"
For heaven's sake, sign up for the Rumble if you haven't already.  Just do it.  It's free and you win things for showing up to a quiz you're already coming to.  

Are there any readers out there you'd like to acknowledge? Now's the time.
Sure. My dad is definitely reading this. Hi, Dad.

You can catch Kavi at The Drag Bar on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Head on out there and buy that girl some tequila. 



Quiz Schedule
Sundays and Tuesdays - Zio Carlos Magnolia Brew Pub
Michelle (OG QMotY)

I was once named quizmaster of the year.  I had to pass the torch.  I will always be the original. I will always be your first, your last, your everything.

I sat down with Dallas (techinically Plano) host, Rachel Nichols.  We chatted about the upcoming Potter quiz and her disgusting love of Fireball. 

Let's get this party started!  First things, how long have you been with Geeks?
Almost 2 years.  I’m a few months shy

How did you end up with this rag tag bunch?
I was a Quizmaster for a competitor for a couple of years and then my bars closed, so I was sad, venue-less, and without people to torment for about a year. Then I went to a quiz JWarr was hosting and had way more fun. I flat out told him after the quiz that I wanted his job and how do we make that happen. I auditioned and the rest is history.

A sordid dirty history.
Basically the story of my life

So, are you from the Dallas area?
Yep. Grew up in East Dallas and after moving all around Dallas suburbs, I've been back in East Dallas for 2 years now. I love it.

I just said "East Side" in my head like I'm a rapper. I'm the worst white person I know.
You're so 'hood. I'm pretty lame, I mean white, too.

So, talk to me about hosting. What are your top three memories as a host?
After the Baltimore Ravens won the Superbowl, I had a quiz team with the name "The Ravens Won the Superbowl, But They Still Live In Baltimore." I was announcing standings and called out their team name and everyone was laughing. Enter stage left, this HUGE, pissed off, drunk dude in a Ravens jersey. He did not find their name humorous and challenged the team made up of insurance adjuster nerds to a fight. Everyone was kind of like, "wtf?" and I think he realized how dumb he was being so he went and sat back down. After quiz, I went up to a different team and was talking about how ridiculous that was and they went white as sheets. They started making motions for me to shut up. I turned around and that dude was standing right behind me. I panicked and yelled YOLO and walked quickly away

Let's see...second would be seeing one of my favorite regular teams win 4th place at Geek Bowl VIII with only 4 team members. I cried like a stage mom. I made them hug me. It was super awkward and I yelled "Just let it happen! This is happening!" Then I made them pose for pictures. They were in shock.

Then third has to be the time I had two teams bust out dancing Sharks Vs Jets West Side Story time in the middle of quiz. It was amazing. They snapped in rhythm and everything.

Fantastic. I still hate that musical though. Not as much as CATS, but it's pretty bad.
Oh GOD Cats. Memories....

You have a pretty big first coming up for you. How excited are you to be hosting your first theme quiz with us?
I am soooo excited! Of all the theme quizzes I could host Arrested Development and Harry Potter are my faves. When I found out I was chosen for Harry Potter, I ran around my office and made all my co-workers high five me. Then I started googling "how to capture and train an owl in 3 easy steps." That doesn't exist on the internet, by the way.
What makes you the resident Quizmaster Potter expert? 
I've read all the books and seen all the movies numerous times. My family has been really into Harry Potter since the first book came out. I read The Order of the Phoenix in one day and that one was a monster of a book. I was Hermoine for Halloween 5ish years ago and made awesome textbooks out of old hardback books. Also, I'm convinced that Moaning Myrtle lives in the women's restroom at my work. It's the only thing that explains the noises coming out of that middle stall.

What special stuff do you guys have planned for the quiz?
The Dallas Zoo has generously agreed to donate an owl and a snake to the first quiz on Saturday! One of our Dallas QM's is a zookeeper and we got the hookup. I am over the moon pumped about it. Real live animals! At quiz! We are also having a costume contest, pin the lightening bolt on Harry, Quidditch pong, and The Alamo will have a themed menu with themed cocktails for both seatings. It's going to be an amazing day.  I am going to manage the shit out of some mischief on Saturday.

As amazing as being a quizmaster is, hosting doesn't pay the bills. What's your day job?
I manage a real estate photography company. Basically, if your home is going up for sale you need pictures so people can creep on your house on the internet before they decide which houses are worth putting on pants and driving to see in person, you contact us. And I get to see the inside of 60% of the houses on the market here in DFW at any given time. I manage the business side of things. It's a very fast-paced job. It makes me crazy. It's like herding cats. It's like trying to herd 90 cats a day. 

Cats are terrible creatures. 90 cats is unimaginable.
But I'm really good at herding cats, come to find out.  I'm also allowed to cuss as much as I want in the office, so there's that.

I'm sure your cat herding makes you very usable at quizzes. Quizzers can be a bit hard to manage.
Exactly. That plus I'm the oldest of 4 kids so I've basically been training for this my entire life.

As someone that has been training a lifetime, would you consider yourself more Geek or Drink?
More drink, fo' sho'. I actually took a Fireball shot before we got started, because I know how much you love blasphemous whiskey.


Besides Fireball. What are your beverages of choice?
At quiz I tend to stick to vodka diet coke single talls. But I love IPA's to the point of no return. The hoppier the better. The majority of people I know are into porters and stouts and I just think they are so boring. IPA's have personalities!

I'm an IPA gal myself. Martin House Brewery has a double IPA that I'm in love with right now. It's called Imperial Texan.
Oh, I don't think I've had that before! Or at least I can't remember having it. 

Check it out if you can find it. What are some of your favorites?
My faves are: Community Beer Company's Mosaic IPA, Deep Ellum Brewery's Deep Ellum IPA, which are both Dallas breweries. I also love Ska Brewery's Modus Hoperandi IPA and a staple in my house is Sierra Nevada's Torpedo IPA

Deschutes has a few that I absolutely love. Chainbreaker is my go to beer in the summer time. Also, their Red Chair...so delicious.
I'll have to check those out! Deschutes has one of the few porters I'll drink. The Black Butte Porter is delicious. Pour that over some malted chocolate ice cream? HEAVEN. IT'S HEAVEN IN YOUR MOUTH. 

Zios just had the Black Butte XXIII from the reserve series. HOLY. SHIT.
Put. It. On. Your. Ice. Cream. Life changing.

I can talk beer all night. Let's talk about you.  What do you geek out over? 
Hmmm....Is this the part where I get to talk about Supernatural?

Oh. girl. We can basically just turn this interview into Winchester fan fic.
I'm super obsessed with that show right now. I was internet stalking Jensen and Jared, because why not, and they are both from Texas and that made me really happy.

In my head, I was at theater competitions with Jensen. At least I hope I was. We were in the circuits at the same time.
OMG I know! Me too! I think I'm half a year older than him. I like to think he was at the competition where I got a thanks for playing ribbon. I've been a ST:TNG fan since high school. I was a cheerleader by day, then I'd watch it in syndication every night when I got home before bed. And I've been super obsessed with Twin Peaks since I was 12.

I mentioned the cheerleader thing because none of the other girls would be caught dead watching it. It's funny to me in hindsight.

So, how excited were you about Wil Wheaton at Geek Bowl VII and Levar Burton at Geek Bowl VIII?
Wil is so adorable. I follow him on Twitter, which is a big deal for me because I still can't figure out Twitter. I must admit that I was more excited about Levar Burton. Oh Geordi.

That guy....he's so amazing.
His Reddit AMA a while back made me cry a little.

So, we like to do people's private events. Do you have any dream/fantasy private event you'd like to host?
I would love to do a private event for Operation Kindness. I'd also freak out if I ever got to do a private event for one of the many game developer companies we have in the area. Gear Box, I'm looking at you.

You like games? Or you just have a thing for game developers?
I'm not good at all. Game developers are so much fun. Seriously. They are crazy, talented, and crazy talented. I wish I could do what they do.

The only ones I know work for Geeks...I just assumed they were a special type of crazy. How would you say that working for Geeks has changed your life?
Thanks to GWD, I've developed some of the best friendships I've ever had. I have fun every single week. I consider myself really lucky to be part of this family of jerks.

It's an interesting group, that's for sure. You know what they say, "You only hurt the ones you love" We definitely love each other.

So, you've been around a while; what advice do you have for young quizmasters out there? 
The quiz is an extension of you, so do it like you mean it. Pump yourself up beforehand, because energy is contagious. Know your audience.

What about the quizzers?
Having a well-rounded team is key. You need the pop culture addict, current music person, history/geography/political buff, then the one person who is good at pulling random shit out of thin air. You're either there to have fun or to win. If you're there to win, sweep the leg, but if you're having fun and winning, you're doing it right.

Excellent advice. You can catch Rachel on Tuesday nights at 8pm at Allen Wickers in Plano. She'll also be at Glass Half Full this Saturday (7/19) for the Harry Potter quiz.